Julia, este es un canal en español!!!

Español por favor

English version: https://t.me/Wavescommunity
Curious to know what smart contracts are and how they operate within the Waves ecosystem? Tomorrow at 17:00 (UTC+2), Waves Ambassador Daniel Lutz will be running an online workshop introducing Waves tools in English. Feel free to join: bit.ly/2BGTF5U
💰 PAGO SEMANAL 💰 🚀 LocalWavesNode acaba de realizar un pago semanal de 62.9 Waves entre nuesros leaser. Recuerda que puedes conseguir el Token LocalWavesNode en el DEX de Waves, y ganar recompensas para PARA TODA LA VIDA. El próximo 3 de noviembre pago a los Holders de LocalWavesNodeToken. ➡ Más información: https://www.localwavesnode.com/
Julia, este es un canal en español!!!

Julia es parte del equipo de waves y va pasando la información oficial por todos los canales oficiales

As the Odyssey ecosystem's partner, we are confident that Odyssey's events will open new doors and help acquire a remarkable experience for development teams! Let's go!
Julia es parte del equipo de waves y va pasando la información oficial por todos los canales oficiales

prueba a ir al canal que tienen ellos en inglés y escribir algo en español, verás que pronto te sermonean.

no pueden usar google translate?

o contratar a alguien xd

yo mismo pero q me paguen en eth

We're going live soon! Please join our online workshop here👇https://zoom.us/j/413402365

Tokenomica — the first all-in-one platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized assets — has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign! During the PreSale, the platform is going to offer 1% of tokenized equity to raise 30 BTC with the minimum investment amount of 0.01 BTC. The offered instrument is the actual equity issued in full compliance with security regulations on Waves blockchain.

Desde el móvil no creo

Debes instalar el Waves Keeper, es una extensión del navegador

Here’s how we plan to develop the Waves ecosystem, with a network of interconnected public and private Waves chains, and links to external blockchains. Sharding and interoperability will ensure a high degree of scalability, facilitating widespread use, and we’ll be including specific Service chains to provide oracle data and other required functionality – all secured on the main Waves chain.Find out more here: http://amp.gs/qdd4

The security issue patched in v1.1.4 is now disclosed in v1.1.5, which has just been released. This update contains only details of the security fix. Please check the release notes for further information.

Coming to San Francisco Blockchain Week? Interested to know more about DeFi trends? Join our meetup with a panel discussion on the future of DeFi and its implications. At the end, we'll have a Q&A and a networking session. Tomorrow, 5 PM, see you there!
https://support.binance.us/hc/en-us/articles/360035627431 informacion del twiteer de @BinanceAmerica

En @WavesingNodeEsp hemos repartido más de 70 WAVES esta semana entre nuestros leasers. Más la próxima semana. Que tengáis un buen día!

⚡️ It’s been almost a year into the Tokenomica platform development process.In case you’ve been wondering where are we now and what are we up to, here’s a brief overview of our recent progress and future plans.https://blog.tokenomica.com/tokenomica-current-state-and-plans/
We can't wait to see you all at our DeFi meetup in San Francisco tonignt! Get your tickets here: eventbrite.com/e/defi-in-the-digital-asset-space-tickets-77769453529
Waves is joining the Odyssey hackathon ecosystem, making its technologies available to participants throughout the 2020 season, set to kick off on 7 November with the Polaris summit.More details here: http://amp.gs/qSOR

Este nuevo va a fuego con tanto reenviar

Por fin una buena noticia, waves en binance, ya era hora

De la que no sé nada más es de coinbase que también estaba mirando de listar waves este verano, no se como quedaría la cosa

Waves Enterprise takes a unique approach to smart contracts on a private blockchain network. We address the major shortcomings of existing implementations for public and private networks, using Docker containers for greater flexibility, privacy, complexity of contract code and connection to external data sources.

Buenas el dex de waves tiene app?

O una wallet para el smartphone desde la que se pueda hacer leasing