Hey Warsaw! We've got your Friday night plans covered! Join our use-case driven workshop on designing smart contracts&dApps on Waves. The event will also include introduction to the Waves ecosystem, meeting Waves devs, and a hands-on coding challenge. RSVP here:
One way for blockchain to obtain real-world information is through data oracles. Want to learn more about this promising field and the issue of oracle data reliabilty? Check out this article!
Tokenomica has announced the start of public STO.Become a shareholder of the first all-in-one platform for tokenized assets!During the campaign, investors will be offered preference shares in the form of smart securities issued on Waves Blockchain.
A new company formed by Waves’ Alexander Ivanov and GHP Group’s Mark Garber will build on the synergy between the two entrepreneurs’ expertise to create blockchain solutions for the logistics industry. Find the details on our blog!
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pues tiene guevos, decir que se cargan vostok y no decir que van a hacer con los tokens

En el enlace que pusieron justo detrás de tu mensaje aparece esto"La base tecnológica de Global Chain será la plataforma de blockchain empresarial Waves Enterprise. Todos los proyectos lanzados anteriormente en la plataforma Vostok operarán bajo esa marca."

Barcelona Blockchain Week 2019 starts tomorrow! On Saturday, Oct 26 at 15:45, our Head of Global Community, Emily de Dios will moderate a panel discussion on 'Data Management on the State and Corporate Level'. Do not miss out! Join here:
Tokenomica — the first all-in-one platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized assets — has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign! During the PreSale, the platform is going to offer 1% of tokenized equity to raise 30 BTC with the minimum investment amount of 0.01 BTC. The offered instrument is the actual equity issued in full compliance with security regulations on Waves blockchain.
Here’s how we plan to develop the Waves ecosystem, with a network of interconnected public and private Waves chains, and links to external blockchains. Sharding and interoperability will ensure a high degree of scalability, facilitating widespread use, and we’ll be including specific Service chains to provide oracle data and other required functionality – all secured on the main Waves chain.Find out more here:
Coming to San Francisco Blockchain Week? Interested to know more about DeFi trends? Join our meetup with a panel discussion on the future of DeFi and its implications. At the end, we'll have a Q&A and a networking session. Tomorrow, 5 PM, see you there!
Waves Enterprise takes a unique approach to smart contracts on a private blockchain network. We address the major shortcomings of existing implementations for public and private networks, using Docker containers for greater flexibility, privacy, complexity of contract code and connection to external data sources.
We have big plans for Waves DEX, which will be spun off as a separate company and renamed Waves Exchange. All current components - including blockchain, mobile apps, matcher and gateways – will be unified, creating a hybrid product that will combine the best features of centralized solutions with the security of decentralized ones, also adding new services. Read more on our blog:

una de las mejores blockchain, un dex antes que lo de mas sabian que era un dex, y luego vino binance, bisq, y otros que se nos han comido

Alguien aquí sabe de nodos de esta blockchain

Today is the start of Madrid Crypto Week highlighting the latest trends, innovations, and blockchain solutions for FinTech! Our team will be there to help you discover how Waves technologies can benefit your business. Come meet with the Waves team and get ready for a coding challenge💪 👉
Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we're running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city! All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.Learn more details and book tickets here:

Sin contar que es una blockchain que cumple con la naturaleza de las crypto que es darle valor al individuo y no a los burocratas

As we continue to explore our vision of the Waves ecosystem’s future, we’re explaining how interoperability between different blockchains could be achieved thanks to interchain bridges.
Private blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Exonum, Corda and others take different approaches to managing private data flow. We explore some of the different options on the market, before explaining how Waves Enterprise goes about addressing this issue - and why we have taken those decisions.

ademas de un obio aumento de los nodos dado son el corazon del sistema y de toda blockchain

Economía Colaborativa y oportunidad de #EmprendimientoDigital reunidos en un mismo proyecto.#LocalTriplay se perfila como un proyecto con alto potencial de crear un #ImpactoSocial positivo en la #Humanidad.La plataforma de #Transacciones de persona a persona que está desarrollando el equipo de LocalTriplay tendrá un fuerte impacto social en cuatro áreas de influencia:– #InclusiónFinanciera: los usuarios podrán acceder a servicios de transacciones persona-a-persona desde cualquier dispositivo móvil o #computador de escritorio, en cualquier parte del #mundo.– #TransaccionesSeguras: pactos de compra-venta con garantía y operadores certificados brindan el nivel de #seguridad óptimo para mantener al usuario alejado de situaciones de #fraude y #estafa.– Reserva de #Valor: la #tecnología #blockchain de #Waves junto a una #economía propia del #ecosistema y una #política monetaria establecida, permitirá las personas #adoptar a #Triplay como su refugio de valor especialmente en #países con alto nivel de #inflación y duros controles de #cambio.– #EconomíaColaborativa: una red de #Cajeros Triplay en todo el mundo será la protagonista de nuevos paradigmas en la #Internet del #dinero y de una #plataforma #disruptiva que revolucionará los servicios de #remesas.Si quieres montarte en la nueva #ola de la economía colaborativa y convertirte en un #EmprendedorDigital, debes comenzar por enterarte de qué trata #LocalTriplay en

At Waves Community Meetup in Berlin on December 11, we presented a new solution that will enable communication between any existing blockchains and dApps. Learn how Gravity Hub can resolve the issues of interoperability and obtaining real-world data:
⁠Waves presenta Gravity Hub, un protocolo de interoperabilidad de blockchain para unirlas y conectarlas con otros sistemas.
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usdn y la pasarela global tienen que ver???
puede ser mas que todo una noticia relacionada a la union de waves y el mas importante en electricidad en rusia Rosetti aqui la noticia:
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mola, como es ruso trasciende menos pero un pais del tamaño de rusia usando la tecnología de waves a tope puede darle alas
claro y obio neutrino tuvo que ver su primera stablecoin hibrida y el otro anuncio que dieron para unir todas las blockchain

creamos algo que lograra unir todas las blockchain
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AMFEIX is the worlds first blockchain Bank built on decentralized ledgers. Let the professionals trade for you.Profit and loss is calculated in bitcoin.January’s net return on BTC: 7.77%Start Now

AMFEIX is the worlds first blockchain Bank built on decentralized ledgers. Let the professionals trade for you.Profit and loss is calculated in bitcoin.January’s net return on BTC: 7.77%Start Now

Os recuerdo que mañana miercoles a las 18:30 en la EPS Universidad de Alicante tenemos Jornada Blockchain Aplicado a las Finanzas: DeFi Si quereis aseguraros vuestra entrada GRATIS para el taller os dejo este link para que os deis de alta. Gracias
Buenas Comunidad, ya que todo lo referido a la Blockchain va muy ligado a la independencia, la libertad y otros aspectos muy importantes, pienso que la GOBERNANZA es otro aspecto al que no sé le da la importancia que tiene. La semana pasada @avalBit invitó a Ismael Arribas (compañero y líder de GBA Spain) y dio una excelente ponencia sobre este tema y todo lo que le afecta. Y dejo novedades y algunas primicias, así que no os lo podéis perder ‼️‼️😜😜