FAQs-What exactly is LocalWavesNode token?LocalWavesNode Token is a token of value, based on WAVES, that serves to collect dividends, the result of 2% of leasing in our node, LIFETIME!-How do I get in LocalWavesNode Token?To get the token you can lease with us for at least 6 months, you will receive 1 LWN Token for every 1 WAVES that you put on leasing.-When will we receive tokens?We will send tokens after the investor keeps his balance of WAVES in leasing 6 months in our node.-What are the limits?The limit is the number of tokens to be distributed. 100,000 for leasers and 20,000 for direct sales.Minimum contribution is 10 WAVES to receive LocalWavesNode tokens.-How much should I invest?You can invest whatever you want, the risk is 0. The WAVES will always be yours and you can withdraw them whenever you want, but if you do it before 6 months you will lose the option of tokens.Web English to leasing: 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP

ALERTCARE a fake person posing as one of the community waves the fake one is @BoxyanWavesCIM your alias, no wave staff will ask you for seed, private key, etc.ALERT

We know that the community has lots of questions about the global plans for Waves, the purpose of Waves Enterprise, and the role of the VST token going forwards. We've published this FAQ to answer as many of these as we can. If you still have questions, please let us know in our official Telegram group.
Marccuz 🇲🇽
Hola. Al crear el token aparece un número de identificación único y también se anexa la cuenta en la cual se creó. Así cualquiera puede verificar el activo.

Hola y gracias por contestarme, no me refiero a eso en concreto! Para verificar el activo se debe contactar con waves y proporcionarle una serie de datos! Nuestro contrato inteligente ya está operativo76z7aAqKbLJcjLCcvHrgkd4EtJB4xGyxqZsVUnQu8gCjTe piden el whitepaper, páginas web oficiales, como el activo coffeecoin COF que el ya está verificado

Check out the new article on Waves Habr, explaining TLA+ to solve different tasks in programming! Today's puzzle is to catch a cat in an easy and interesting way with TLA, let's do it! 👉

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You've been asked to provide the asset ID of your asset as a plain text, but went silent and never answered me back. A token being basically a transaction of creation, can't be deleted from the blockchain network, just like other actions taken within it. Also, you aren't under any restrictions in the global group, neither restricted, muted, neither banned. Kindly learn your stuff before spreading conspiracy theories. 😏

aidonker | Block hash
Hay algún nodo aquí de la comunidad?
Hola aidonker. No hay ningún nodo de la comunidad propiamente dicho. Varios usuarios de este chat tienen el suyo. El nuestro es 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP
Due to the success of the Game of Nodes competition, we have had to adjust the performance rating formula to account for the effect of all the new small nodes! Find out more here (at the bottom of the page)!

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This week, Waves team is heading off to join 'Building the new web' event in Osaka, Japan🇯🇵! Waves Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will showcase Waves smart contracts and governance. Also, he will respond the related questions during a Q&A session. Save your spot here:
✅ CON PERMISO DE @deepred PONGO ESTO:Me lo pedisteis y aqui lo teneis: con este video podeis tomar cartas en el asunto y denunciar a esos youtubers estafadores! Espero te sirva de ayuda para alertar a mas gente de como son realmente esos youtubers!
Are you curious about how Waves block rewards might affect total WAVES supply and inflation over time? The article below explores two scenarios – fixed block rewards, and what happens when rewards increase at the maximum possible rate. You might be surprised to learn what happens over the course of 100 years!More details here: