Hello everyone. Glad to see you all:)

3PBNiHBcp8rxiYkGVGNHEGZHEamb1aXeWVv is the correct address to send 0.0001 WAVES, right?

for VST airdrop

Or just put it on your waves wallet


When vst token on dex??

Hein petersen
When vst token on dex??

Hello. The airdrop will be completed in June. Please wait for next announcements and follow our news channel

He's a fud machine and he has 0 proof. Not that it would even matter if the team decided to sell it keeps them from holding too large a % of waves which will accumulate during vostok ico.

Selling WAVES for 20000 sats per coin

Hello guys! 🖐 Nice to see you again. I'm pleased to be with you and ride on Waves together.

Goodbye everyone. Wish you all a good night:)



Will the avg waves balance increase for every screenshot though i hold lot more waves than what avg shows?

Waves token started with how muchPlease I just want to know

How much was it initially per one waves before it rose up

[email protected]
How much was it initially per one waves before it rose up

Greetings. I recommend you use this source to monitor the price changes.

Check coinmarketcap

Check the URL from @LarsWavesCM

Hi Carlos. It would be better to use this e-mail for such offers - [email protected]

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