what will happen here?

Everything will be here!

you know, telegram is rocking right now

and i don`t want to miss the opportunity to promote wavesplatform here

it is a nice instrument

@bez please give warnings if you are about to ban someone, its really annoying to make new tele account

Why new chanel

What's wrong with old one

We have so many good illuminating and banking elite conspiracies

No need to destroy the legacy

We need to increase our presence in telegram

Yes but what about the banking cabal's?

What about the starving children and lobist jews that do nothing about them

I feel like our voices arent being heard. Can we get Alex Jones to moderate this chat?

Alex Jones please

Vindyne8 will moderate this chat

We already have article on infowars mentioning waves, shouldn't be hard to get Alex to join

Alex Jones? Don't know him

What? Are you a NSA shill or something

Alex Jones speaks the truth about

He's the most reliable news source on the planet

The lizzard people

Did I keep a straight face when I said that

And the Jewish banking elites

And Obama running isis

From his home computer

He is Abu Husseini Al Americani

Well ouch @Cerberus65 :(

Lol Dima lets get out of here, its clear that truth is not wanted here