It is my comments to Peter Schiff on Bitcoin Challenge:How to ask the question? Here is my comments:1. Bitcoin is not for store value actually, it doesn't have intrinsic value,it is not backed up by underlying assets. So, the point is same with you2. Bitcoin has value as it is being a speculation asset, people buy and sell it.3. As long as people speculate using bitcoin through exchange, it has value through Exchange or selling it to other value.4.Satoshi has created bitcoin as digital cash. Bitcoin is actually doesn't have intrinsic value as like Fiat Currencies.5. I will talk more about Crypto asset and Blockchain. Let talk about Utility token of a platform like Eth, bsv, waves. As long as the platform is needed and has big ecosystem, there will be demand to use the platform.BSV is positioned to represent fee to store Data in Blockchain6. The Blockchain is best place to store Data as it is immutable, can not be altered. So, BSV as the currency of the platform is valuable as long as many people use the platform to store Data like video, doc, file. Think like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud7. Blockchain is also can create token, think like my token TheGreatCoin in Waves Platform. It is designed to be store value as it will be backed up by Companies, real Estates or even gold. TheGreatCoin represents the value of them. Think like ETF, Just the unit use token8. Think like Libra. It is created to be backed by a basket of Currencies or even government securities. It is the store value will be used for payment or CurrencyMamat RohimatFounder TheGreatCoin

Waves is awesome. When will the buyback start?

Will be interesting to see how the price will go

no details about it as of yet

It is better to do a buyback even if you promote it

2 mil buyback is pretty significant amount. Waves price will surge. Hope I am right about it this time..

The Q2 2019 Tokes Platform Transparency Report has been released.

There is no price recovery after buy back announcement....what's going on waves... feeling sad

Is waves explorer working for anyone?

Lucky Henry
They won't tell you if they do.

well they wouldnt tell you thas why, but clearly Google, Apple and microsof have all had buybacks - its no big secret.

Keeps showing this

works fine for me

Is waves explorer working for anyone?

Please, try to use vpn or refresh your internet connection.

though definitely some unusual activity taking place

Morning Wavesters. Wish you all a cool & sunny Tuesday!Don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the Waves ecosystem 🌊

I'll see you later, guys. 🖐 Have a nice day!

Bye @LarsWavesCM Morning @MiroWavesCM

@MiroWavesCM Is there a way we can find out what Waves has in reserves? I mean the remnants of the ICO when they obtained BTC?

Could you find out?

Chhay Lem Lim
Could you find out?

I am not authorized to disclose it anyway. So, the answer is "no".


Yes, the new release of the Android app is supported only by devices with versions 5.0 and higher.

What do I do

There is no opportunity to get updated by having a device with such technical options.

Why is waves news not picked up by crypto news sites ?

Nowhere is waves , ride , vostok , buyback news

Is the advertising team dead ?

Maybe it would be nice to also use some of the funds to advertise

It's like the news isn't even being send out to the news sites

Indeed.....only telegram blogs.....

Dressed chicken
It's like the news isn't even being send out to the news sites

Greetings. What exact website do you mean by that? I've seen it in different websites & event trackers.

Miroslav | WAVES
Greetings. What exact website do you mean by that? I've seen it in different websites & event trackers.

I don't mean to fud but really where do you see it ... as bv tv also says only on twitter even if you search for it you won't find anything

How much progress is made on the new waves dex already?

Hello. Price discussions are only allowed here. Kindly rely on your understanding in advance!


Address to keep the waves from Buy-back?