Waves is so cheap, that there is just a dream for the lucky ones who buy now!

I agree. If I had a lot of Bitcoin I'd definitely be buying a lot of Waves at these prices

Hi i send Bitcoin but my btc go to this address 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9Djr

Ali ho 何 健 强
13c7pXB6mFVvdvY57GUbFEAiHHLyURsjfG i put the addres here why it come out this 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9Djr

This address belongs to a Bitcoin payment gateway. All transfer of external cryptocurrencies are being proceeded by payment gateway held by our trusted partner Coinomat.

Dear Admin, please specify, I found on the stock exchange the opportunity to sell test coins for Bitcoin ... but the output of Bitcoin does not work. Can I really sell test coins for bitcoin and really get real bitcoins for my test coins? Thank you in advance

😂😂 Bitcoin is $858,385.09 on TESTNET... hahahah and WAVES in 2.76$ wonderful... if feels good

Bitcoin address and invoice address are different. Which is correct?

Adrenaline Chain Inc
Bitcoin address and invoice address are different. Which is correct?

I am not sure whether you're trying to send Bitcoin to another Waves account or withdraw it through a payment gateway to another centralised exchange or another wallet?

Bitcoin cash, SV, gold and diamond are much higher in rank. Comedy gold.

Yalcin Kurt

Yes... I'm on this platform called hashing ad space and we accumulate asimi points and are encouraged to download the waves app in order to convert those asimis into bitcoin

Yalcin Kurt
no coins / no traders / no mass adoption. so no dex

Hi, Yalcin. Why do you think that there's no coins? We have a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vostok, Monero and others. What about traders, we have a 1 million dollars volume everyday.

Yeah, i see ^^

Prove to me that Komodo is not a modified duct tape version of Bitcoin

Cryptopher Nolan
Havent seen any coin like this

No? Not seen bitcoin pump a few thousand a day then drop back to lows? I see it weekly tbh

What would you like to see next on Wavesplatform?public pollMore alts on DEX – 15👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 75%@wavesfullnode, @Otokolobus, @deepred, @Valique, @Jimmydoes, @r0bb3rt, @techypaul, @cryptotr8, @Timrainer, @Tparpal, @Jay_Dougie, @blahdieblah, @T0mBitcoin, @Rikeburn, @damoonshinerMore marketing – 4👍👍 20%., @rig0rm0rtis, @brucetyumen, @subwar...fill in your wish – 1▫️ 5%@BitcarpStoploss orders▫️ 0%More games▫️ 0%Margin trading on DEX▫️ 0%👥 20 people voted so far.

Lars | WAVES
Hello Jaelson. Please wait and you will be answered soon.

Transaction ID: 5uzUKeV74CAS8K9F6KU6hDyhtgW9g2RrNeD33eJbnsgYType: 4 (transfer)Date: 07/07/2019 18:26Sender: 3PQ2YNhDNuvekn3ktyYgGAXRXKTmzvn81ZNRecipient: 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9DjrAmount: 0.78660387 Bitcoin Cash (zMFqXuoyrn5w17PFurTqxB7GsS71fp9dfk6XFwxbPCy)Fee: 0.001 WAVESAttachment: 3132353238303191

I'm a new member and yesterday I had deposit bitcoin to my account until right now ,I still not yet get Bitcoin in my account, the system show "Pending", Please suggest me , What I should do? I contact support but they replied too slow.

"I'm a new member and yesterday I had deposit bitcoin to my account until right now ,I still not yet get Bitcoin in my account""stay "Pending" 2 days already."It may be hard for coinomat support to reply when you seem to make contraditions in your messages. These posts in telegram were about 6 minutes apart. One says you deposited yesterday, the other says 2 days ago. In your support tickets, make sure your information is more accurate than that - just saying.

Dylan Quaile
What happens on a buyback? Sorry, long time listener, first time caller

They will use their reserve in Bitcoin or in fiat dollars to buy Waves from the public exchanges. This will increase the demand for Waves and therefor Waves will rise. This is considered because Waves holds a substantive amount of bitcoins compared to the Waves market cap. If this BTC reserve held by the Waves team would be used to buy back Waves from exchanges, Waves doulble, quadrupple or rise even more in value. But this is dependent on the amount of BTC that is dedicated for the buy back

Bruce Bates
People seem to be confused. Sasha is the founder, he is not "Waves" the currency nor is he "Waves" the company. It is not sasha saying he will buy waves back. He wouldn't ask if that was the case. This is a funded projected. As such there are funds that belong to the project, and the project is run by he community, not the developer(s). If there is a buy back, he funds come from the project. Claims like "because if wins "No" he would be able to deny this in good conscience" are absolutely rediculous. Read through this room, here are several people very against this advising that if this were to happen, waves would take a hit far beyond anything we have seen to date. The belief that "only good can come from this" is likely people who care not about waves and just want the fast path to get their money. There is never only one side of a story and people who think sasha IS waves, have no clue about waves at all. I promise sasha is not the sole coder, and all the group moderators, and entire voting community.... Waves, is not a single person.

Yes you are right. With Sasha I meant the people involved with managing the Waves project. So to rectify my statement, it's not only Sasha, but also other people involved in the Waves platform who have a say in the buy-back decision making. Nevertheless, I think a buy-back with a safe portion of the BTC reserves that Waves hold, could be beneficial for Waves. The price increase should expose Waves' great tech to the public. Meaning more exposure to devs, institutions, and companies. Besides this buy-back, Waves could also use the VST public sale to boost it's price. If only Waves is allowed for this public sale, I sincerely believe that Waves could easily rise to >15 dollars per coin. The Waves market cap is extremely low now at 185 million, while the Vostok public sale is estimated 160 million. This should really rock Waves' price upwards.Imagine institutions investing 200 billion dollars in Bitcoin with a market cap of only 220 billion. Bitcoin could easily go to 100.000 dollars a coin.

When everyone buys bitcoin. The alt season will finally come. Waves would be the first to rise because the team does no market manipulation when it dumped so it is totally undervalued

Lars | WAVES
As I told you earlier, just wait please, you will be answered.

This gateway thing is awful! Just get headache for the devs and users! I'm already hopeless to receive my "Bitcoin Cash"!

not anymore. adjust it maybe?

It wasn't adjusted if 1 bitcoin becomes 100k, do you expect 0.0005btc to be $6?

Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, may defer the adoption of the country’s major crypto bill “On Digital Financial Assets” (DFA) until the autumn session, local news outlet TASS reported on July 9.The Duma is considering shifting the adoption of the DFA bill to the autumn session, while the representatives have largely agreed on a bill on crowdfunding, according to the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, Anatoly Aksakov.Aksakov further explained that officials have not been able to reach a common position on the fate of digital currencies in Russia."The law on the DFA is set to decide whether we will prohibit cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange in Russian legislation, meaning that there will be no exchange points nor exchanges that work with cryptocurrencies. We have not yet reached consensus on the issue. We need to define what cryptocurrency is at the legislative level. Then there is a fork in the road: we either prohibit organizing infrastructure for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in Russia, or allow it.”Initially, the country's parliament planned to adopt the law at the end of June. At the time, Russia's deputy finance minister, Alexei Moiseev revealed that the authorities had approved separate legislation for initial coin offerings (ICOs), which will be a part of Russia’s law on crowdfunding.Previously, Russia had already postponed the adoption of crypto legislation due to a requirement from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) in late May. The FATF then ordered Russian lawmakers to expand the terminology of the federal bill on the regulation of crypto assets, requiring that the country legislate major industry terms such as cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC).

Can existing bitcoin based coins get listed on WAVES to trade?

The Shaman
If the team doesnt awake till now,its never happenning..because of two main problems..1 Sasha still have a lot of ico btc and he do not care about the price..the situation when the price of btc is up and waves price is down is good for him personally..2 Sasha is not a businessman,he is a tech guy..he dont now how to lead such a big company,and why the price of token is important on the market..he know nothing about marketing,finances etc...

In part I am not in agreement with you, he is the founder and according to my personal view, he has tried to put in every aspect with the transparencies indicated by a cryptomoneda, and I myself on twitter send a comment that he made to coinmarketcap, to see his api of the cryptomoneda waves specifically his waves dex, I make the comment because this proyecyo pleases me a lot and I know that he can beat BITCOIN if he proposes it. regards

How to convert bitcoin or ethereum to cash from waves platform? Have to link to checking accounts US based?

Saying waves has no value is like saying blockchain has no use besides being a financial transfer tool.Waves is 100 times more useful then bitcoin, what it doesnt have is financial value... yet.

Would like to ask easy way to buy in waves for beginners? Do we have to convert bitcoin to waves to buy

Arnie Cabael
Would like to ask easy way to buy in waves for beginners? Do we have to convert bitcoin to waves to buy

Hello Arnie. You can buy WAVES by using plastic card. Or you can buy WAVES in any other comfortable way, for example deposit any coin, no need to convert bitcoin before buy

Sang Kang
Shasha was angry ... because it was so undervalued

so angry he was that people claim he has more bitcoins han waves (which I believe is accurate). Nothing against sasha but how important is value when you hold more of another currency than the one you created?

You know why bitcoin is the top currency? Because no one cares what the developers have to say about it nor what they do. The "investment" is in the belief of the currency and the open source technology that backs it. Not companies or coders.

Team can do mining like bitcoin.

Waves is great platform, use it as a platform.Crypto Currency is not for investment, so don't invest in waves token. Only use it for payment in the platform.It is actually a caused of misconduct in Crypto Currency to make it a speculative instrument.Crypto Currency is created to be money or Currency. So, use it, spend it and earn it. Don't invest in money.I created TheGreatCoin, it is not Currency, it is asset as I see the misconduct of Crypto Currency.Bitcoin is being positioned as digital gold is not appropriate. It should be Currency,as Satoshi said: peer to peer electronic cash system.So, let put everything in its place.If we want to speculate, do it in an asset that has intrinsic value, as like stock, or bond

I heard this is the new bitcoin? Is it true? I am a new investor and i have 100K to spend in cryptos

"First in the world" very subjetive, nor does bitcoin itself define itself as the world's first (because it is not, it just proliferated and popularized more)

Thiago Capuano
"First in the world" very subjetive, nor does bitcoin itself define itself as the world's first (because it is not, it just proliferated and popularized more)

because Bitcoin was not the first, the first cryptocurrency was launched at the end of 90 and everyone knows it. but I do not know more than one dapp betting exchange

Buy back will not work if you dont feed mining rewards and miners. If you feed developers with that waves that developers will just dump and gone

In case Waves reward developers with Waves, there is an exchange for value. Developers provide development to the platform for Waves. It's much better than holding Bitcoins that isn't building anything on WAves.

1. People don't realize yet how significant this buy-back will be. 2% Is a lot of investment.2. People blaming tether for Bitcoin's rise from 1000 to 10.000. Only 4 billion tether has been created. Waves are buying back 2 million waves, which comparatively is more than the ratio Tether to Bitcoin.

whos to say sasha wasnt invested in btc back in 2012/2013 (he was aned i know this for fact). as such its not a hard reach to assume he was buying bitcoins when they were under $30 and likely has a fair amount stored that has nothing to do with waves. Asking him to prove his sources of funding is completely ani-everything crypto stands for.

I have a little unease about the waves buy back... I have the same issue with stock when corporations buy back their stocks it's a form of price manipulation. The market determined the price so the buy back is reducing supply to milk the price....

you can never avoid market manipulation. Not in any form of currency. Its part of supply and demand economics. Bitcoin pumped all of 2017 from market manipulation and then market correctoin crashed it back down. People complained why market correction took place no one complained during the manipulation.

It is my comments to Peter Schiff on Bitcoin Challenge:How to ask the question? Here is my comments:1. Bitcoin is not for store value actually, it doesn't have intrinsic value,it is not backed up by underlying assets. So, the point is same with you2. Bitcoin has value as it is being a speculation asset, people buy and sell it.3. As long as people speculate using bitcoin through exchange, it has value through Exchange or selling it to other value.4.Satoshi has created bitcoin as digital cash. Bitcoin is actually doesn't have intrinsic value as like Fiat Currencies.5. I will talk more about Crypto asset and Blockchain. Let talk about Utility token of a platform like Eth, bsv, waves. As long as the platform is needed and has big ecosystem, there will be demand to use the platform.BSV is positioned to represent fee to store Data in Blockchain6. The Blockchain is best place to store Data as it is immutable, can not be altered. So, BSV as the currency of the platform is valuable as long as many people use the platform to store Data like video, doc, file. Think like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud7. Blockchain is also can create token, think like my token TheGreatCoin in Waves Platform. It is designed to be store value as it will be backed up by Companies, real Estates or even gold. TheGreatCoin represents the value of them. Think like ETF, Just the unit use token8. Think like Libra. It is created to be backed by a basket of Currencies or even government securities. It is the store value will be used for payment or CurrencyMamat RohimatFounder TheGreatCoin