Ali Kara
It is possible with decentralized lending.

it is impossible to track positions in the blockchain environment

The problem with fud is those who spread it try to take a moral highground claiming "but its all truth" while being selective in the truth they share. You will never see someone spreading fud also mention things like "waves is still the only platform when you can easily create a token without the need to learn a contract language" or "waves is the only platform you can create a token on where your token is instantly get listed in an exchange" or "waves is still one of the fastest currencies to do transactions" or waves has just introduced RIDE and created new functions that are specific to blockchain that never before existed". They want to be like fake news and hand select the truths they share to paint a specific picture.

Ed leed
How do we launch a gateaway for another coin on the waves dex

Helo Ed leed. As for now, there are no turnkey solutions but they are on the way and soon users will be able to run their own gateway via the upcomng gateway framework which will make this process faster and easier. Currently, you can create a payment gateway on your own which will provide opportunity for a certain coin to become transferable between two different blockchains (one of them is Waves blockchain) and tradable on the Waves DEX.Gateway framework can be found here and here's the Litecoin's gateway example

It is my comments to Peter Schiff on Bitcoin Challenge:How to ask the question? Here is my comments:1. Bitcoin is not for store value actually, it doesn't have intrinsic value,it is not backed up by underlying assets. So, the point is same with you2. Bitcoin has value as it is being a speculation asset, people buy and sell it.3. As long as people speculate using bitcoin through exchange, it has value through Exchange or selling it to other value.4.Satoshi has created bitcoin as digital cash. Bitcoin is actually doesn't have intrinsic value as like Fiat Currencies.5. I will talk more about Crypto asset and Blockchain. Let talk about Utility token of a platform like Eth, bsv, waves. As long as the platform is needed and has big ecosystem, there will be demand to use the platform.BSV is positioned to represent fee to store Data in Blockchain6. The Blockchain is best place to store Data as it is immutable, can not be altered. So, BSV as the currency of the platform is valuable as long as many people use the platform to store Data like video, doc, file. Think like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud7. Blockchain is also can create token, think like my token TheGreatCoin in Waves Platform. It is designed to be store value as it will be backed up by Companies, real Estates or even gold. TheGreatCoin represents the value of them. Think like ETF, Just the unit use token8. Think like Libra. It is created to be backed by a basket of Currencies or even government securities. It is the store value will be used for payment or CurrencyMamat RohimatFounder TheGreatCoin