What if my customers are Australian? Can you make a script where person swipes their card, converts to fiat backed crypto, then sends that to me instantly?

It’s really risky because of charge back issues. As you know you can’t undo transactions on the blockchain. Think that we make the gateway for you. You customer deposit money by using his credit card. And we sent the tokens to him on the blockchain. Then he called his bank and said that he didn’t made that purchase and bank reverted the payment. But you can’t call back your tokens

We need a book!

??? I just saw on blockchain explorer that someone bought 239 usd million of Waves?

but yes some ppl that investigat everything in blockchain are claiming with facts the exchange is insolvent. and for my personal expirience 1 time i use the exchange one token that only trade there my withdraw as stuked and all the sundatly my acount blocked as they say for my scak of security until day 20. so unfortunaly i do not research afther i deposit in that exchange

MR Stan
someone should explain diff btw wave platform and Vostok platform

Hello MR Stan! Vostok is a private blockchain platform which is based on Waves technologies and aimed at the corporate sector and government institutions. All available information you can find on the site of this project. And our news channel will help you to stay tuned.

MR Stan
someone should explain diff btw wave platform and Vostok platform

Vostok is a very important project but it is not replacing Waves. And in the future, we will be able to integrate the two blockchains, using Vostok for certain purposes and Waves for others.

Aliyah Khan
Can you tell me more about this project?

WavesPlatform developing tools to create a segment of decentralized technology, which will be the basis of Web 3.0 - the digital landscape of the future. Web 3.0 development. will lead to progressive decentralization of the key online infrastructure based on the blockchain and other distributed registry technologies, and centralized servers will continue to support basic services and perform tasks that require significant computing power.The result will be a combination of the best of both worlds: an online environment providing familiar functionality and user experience, in which the user retains full control over his personal data and digital identities.

Is China still out of the game? I'm talking about participating in ico

yep, but I am surprised how one of the largest countries in the world ignores the possibilities of the blockchain

Tells me: Failed to load blockchain info

Angel Light
Oh ... so nodes is like mining pool from teams who creating it for who wants to lease ?! Is that right ..

Not necessarily. "The job of a full node is to store the blockchain data, pass along the data to other nodes, and ensure newly added blocks are valid" Means nodes are securing the waves blockchain. Anybody with 1000 waves can run a fullnode. You can read up about nodes and all things waves here:

Waves Dex is quite easy, since you can see daily volume stats. Also the number of active addresses on waves is available. That's the good party about blockchain. All things are pretty transparent. Here you can find some stats (and don' worry about the super lean interface): you'll never be able to tell how many people really hold waves, since many still have their assets on exchanges.

Ok and its on the waves blockchain so what happend to my 1 xmr?

Вoxyаn | WAVES
Anyway it's impossible to track, who own any Waves address

I dont understand what you mean, the transaction of wxmr is kept in the waves blockchain. So theoretically they can track the xmr to me. Correct me if im wrong

Ok, just a question.. Will Waves be actual after Vostok release?

Hello Strongate. Vostok is the separate blockchain with the same consensus algorithm and similar technology. But Vostok is aimed at the corporate sector and government institutions. All available information you can find on the site of this project. And our news channel will help you to stay tuned.

M. E. K.
No, but the VeggyCoin will be based on Waves

Know where your veggies come from, blockchain recording the supply chain from the farm to your mouth. Meet the trucker who drives your shit and get to know their favourite burger and steak

Thanks)I have another question. How much clients do you have? And where is some information about it?

What do you mean by clients? The blockchain is open and can be parsed for any information, eg. the quantity of created Waves wallets which are sorted as richlist here

What about business clients? Is this company making any money commercially, by monetising your technology?
Waves is a decentralised platform which provides tools for further successfull blockchain based projects creation. Also, WavesLabs supports Waves based projects in the frames of Incubator initiative by giving grants to the most promising teams. See more here

how do i see the transaction on the btc blockchain?

Tayyab (Jibrel Mod)
Is waves platform a gambling only thing lol

It’s not, but there is an obvious use case. Gambling as is a place of scam and blockchain can make it totally clear and transparent.

Michael Shlyapnikov

why do you need blockchain for this? just curious

why do you need blockchain for this? just curious

Used by KLN, Waves Wallet, Explorer, Oracle. All these are blockchain tools

Sorry sir, When main net waves platform?

Waves blockchain (mainnet) was launched in June 2016.

❗️ Dear community members, here is all basic info about Waves Platform.— Do not disclose your SEED phrase and Private Key to anyone, including Waves Platform's employees—-You should never provide any personal data to a 3rd party— All announcements concerning contests, airdrops and promotional activities you can find in our social media, including this Telegram group— Please, check the real admins of the group, they'll have "admin" tag after their names. Learn more about security via this link What is Waves PlatformWaves is developing tools for building the decentralised technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 - our future digital landscape.Web3 will see progressive decentralisation of critical online infrastructure, making extensive use of blockchain and other distributed technologies, while centralised servers continue to maintain key services and conduct computationally-intensive tasks.It’s easy to start use Waves Platform technologyDesktop Client & Online ClientApp Store & Play Google Rules and Guides• Any type of disrespectful, abuseful, violent or threatful behavior will not be tolerated. Be respectful to each other and other people’s opinion.• Do not post any explicit, sexual, violent or illegal content. Impersonation of moderation team members is not allowed.• Advertising is not allowed, including referral and invitation links.• Restrain from sharing any private information about yourself in case you consider it can be harmful to you in any way, including potential hacker/scam attempts.• Please, report to moderator immediately in case anyone messages you asking to send them money or seed. Any requests of such kind will not be tolerated.• Your nickname shouldn't include any 3rd party advertising, especially linksIf anyone violate the rules, please let us know by tagging one of the officials: @MiroWavesCM @LarsWavesCM @BoxyanWavesCM @yukatyanIn case if you have any questions related to communication kindly contact @petrkorotinUseful links:Our HomeOur BlogGitHubTwitterFacebookRedditBitcointalkDiscordSupport requestsOfficial Waves telegram channels:Sasha’s Ivanov channelWaves Announcements channelRussian group

'Gorod N', a special app on Vostok platform, will showcase the applicability of blockchain technology in state and municipal governance.Find out the details here:
MR Stan
please I want to know diff btw waves platform and Vostok platform
Well, the main difference between them is the their application area. Waves and Vostok both have Proof of Stake consensus, but Vostok is a private blockchain platform based on Waves technologies and aimed at the corporate sector and government institutions. Waves and Vostok share the consensus algorithm and the code base, but the systems are different as their tasks are different. Also, Vostok features not just blockchain but also technologies for artificial intelligence, IoT, systematizing and analysis of big data etc. More information can be found on the official site of Vostok: I recommend you to follow our news channel and you will not miss other information and announcements regarding Vostok Platform and Waves Platform.
Just like a waves wallet could I also open a Vostok wallet?

Vostok token is on the Waves blockchain. You only need Waves wallet.

Hi anyone here knows who should i approach if im doing a project and is thinking of implementing waves blockchain into it? for enquiry matters

i have built the first version portal (its ready, and i have demo), and i am planning to implement waves blockchain into my portal to facilitate certain transactions in my portal.After that is done, im thinking if waves platform have any channels to help people with promoting and market it? If there's funding and waves have its own team of expert waves developer, and i can use the funds to engage them for phase 2 as well, whereby new features will be implemented. I can pm you the exact business model if you are interested to see the demo and the plan that we have for the asian region