Whats our TPS ? Has there ever been a stress test or something? Just curious.I think we can handle more than BTC’s 7 TPS right?😂📈

But in the case of BTC manipulation can you point out the manipulators?

I mean... tether manipulated the btc value. One can easily research tha t now.

@MiroWavesCM Is there a way we can find out what Waves has in reserves? I mean the remnants of the ICO when they obtained BTC?

I have noticed over time, that the more developers try to be reasonable by involving the community, the more demanding and impatient the community becomes.Nobody to hold or criticize on btc because Nakamoto is no where to be found the community accepts btc whichever way it turns out.If Sasha dare post anything he will be in for it. Anyway that's the beauty of free speech.