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They hold because they lease it. There are no traders in waves platform just holders and leasers. This is one of the questions I will ask during AMA

Lessor will get part of fee in the network? How to get fee if there is no transactions.The ecosystem need much of transactions.I just aware, that everything in the future would be paid in Crypto.Watch video, send email, read article. This will make huge transactions of the Crypto. Waves can do that

Can everyone explane pls?

dUSD is a token issued on the Waves blockchain for trading exclusively on Waves' decentralized exchange (DEX) during the World Series of Crypto trading (WSOC) contest. It can be traded only on the Waves DEX, and only during the contest period. Withdrawal of dUSD to other exchanges or wallets is prohibited. You can join the contest here:

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"First in the world" very subjetive, nor does bitcoin itself define itself as the world's first (because it is not, it just proliferated and popularized more)

because Bitcoin was not the first, the first cryptocurrency was launched at the end of 90 and everyone knows it. but I do not know more than one dapp betting exchange

is thıs successfull dude ?

For my a successfull project will be to track everything that you can imagine all over the world with the MTNT tracker and earn crypto too.

dont tell me mytracknet man, ım one of the advısors of dımıtrıs

Then you will must know that is a great and will be a succesfull not only on waves but on crypto.

whos to say sasha wasnt invested in btc back in 2012/2013 (he was aned i know this for fact). as such its not a hard reach to assume he was buying bitcoins when they were under $30 and likely has a fair amount stored that has nothing to do with waves. Asking him to prove his sources of funding is completely ani-everything crypto stands for.

The problem is that waves news doesn't reach the masses ... it never shows up in my main cryto news sites .... sasha needs to contact more commercial crypto news sites

The last i before looking crypto, is green

What’s new about crypto, betting and Waves dApps?Bettex project weekly updates (July 8 — July 14) is here.Main things of last week in one place!

Lani Milbus
This always happens after major upgrades....then the price will start to react to the new tech

Indeed. Exactly what happened soon after WavesNG activated making Waves then, as now, the world's fastest decentralised, distributed & permissionless crypto platform.

I have a little unease about the waves buy back... I have the same issue with stock when corporations buy back their stocks it's a form of price manipulation. The market determined the price so the buy back is reducing supply to milk the price....

Price manipulation is negative view.The share company or whatever the assets will be regarded as positive if the owner buy back in bearish market. It will be treated negative if the owner flood the market with big supply driving down the price.So, Sasha has made a good decision to make a Buy-back as waves drop, while some other Crypto, CRO, TRX, LEO are bought in the market by big holders.As they are top 20, Investor globally will consider for exposure on Crypto industry.Waves to pull the interest of entrepreneurs, Investors need to be top 10.

Good evening, I have two questions to ask, do you have a step-by-step video of how to create a gateway for a cryptoactive? I need it to propose to an administrative group of a crypto project to add their currency to wavesDEX; 2 ° How does the USD and EUR token work within the WAVES network?

It is my comments to Peter Schiff on Bitcoin Challenge:How to ask the question? Here is my comments:1. Bitcoin is not for store value actually, it doesn't have intrinsic value,it is not backed up by underlying assets. So, the point is same with you2. Bitcoin has value as it is being a speculation asset, people buy and sell it.3. As long as people speculate using bitcoin through exchange, it has value through Exchange or selling it to other value.4.Satoshi has created bitcoin as digital cash. Bitcoin is actually doesn't have intrinsic value as like Fiat Currencies.5. I will talk more about Crypto asset and Blockchain. Let talk about Utility token of a platform like Eth, bsv, waves. As long as the platform is needed and has big ecosystem, there will be demand to use the platform.BSV is positioned to represent fee to store Data in Blockchain6. The Blockchain is best place to store Data as it is immutable, can not be altered. So, BSV as the currency of the platform is valuable as long as many people use the platform to store Data like video, doc, file. Think like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud7. Blockchain is also can create token, think like my token TheGreatCoin in Waves Platform. It is designed to be store value as it will be backed up by Companies, real Estates or even gold. TheGreatCoin represents the value of them. Think like ETF, Just the unit use token8. Think like Libra. It is created to be backed by a basket of Currencies or even government securities. It is the store value will be used for payment or CurrencyMamat RohimatFounder TheGreatCoin

Why is waves news not picked up by crypto news sites ?

Trust Wallet, the official wallet of crypto exchange Binance, now supports WAVES! If you're a Trust Wallet user, you can send, store, receive and exchange WAVES in the app.Read more about the integration and download the wallet with WAVES support here: