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For a coin with live use case go for POLT ECO COIN just don't be late Oleg Digrove is out to redifine crypto

Thank you very much!We released the cryptocurrency of our Polt Eco Coin community for all our projects and products!We will also sell our Sequrity Tokens for Polt Eco Coin 1/1.In the near future we will create a market for Polt Eco Coin, so that members of our community can buy real products!We will announce the roadmap of creating a market for Polt Eco Coin tomorrow!

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what q?

Whats the most important thing in cryptocurrency?

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Unfortunately, they are not real. You should be careful next time. Between, before sending, receiving and trading crypto assets, educate yourself to make informed decisions. Crypto assets are volatile, and the prices can go up and down. Carefully evaluate your trading goals and the financial risk you are willing to take. Please beware that Waves Platform does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice. You should make such decisions on your own or consult with reliable experts.

I have a financial degree, I do not need financial advice, thank you – LOL what I need to know is, if possibly the Tron and XRP that I bought almost a year ago. That boorish already gave me a lecture on. Has possibly turned up as being real and if there was possibly a opportunity for me to keep them- And I have read for three hours on the community forum but if I don’t have anybody to ask questions to know if what I am reading is coming through is correct or not to me??? And that is not personal to you now I am running into this a lot as there’s not a lot of people in the cryptocurrency where I live so I don’t have anybody to talk to
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II) "You will not duplicate, FULLY OR IN PART, the name of an existing cryptocurrency or a well known company with the aim of misleading users"It's quite obvious for everyone that GAZRPROMU at least IN PART misleads its potential buyers. So, there is no any mistake or confusion. I recommend you to get acquainted with all the terms & conditions before any action, including asset creation process.

Hi everyone, I've just seen that £22m bitcoin has been stolen through a fraudulent website.Please for the sake of a few extra seconds, can everyone check that they are using the correct website.

Not to bash anyones project, but all he people who keep telling everyone to dump waves and buy VST.... I will nearly guarantee what happens. VST finishes the airdrop, crazy amounts of people instantly sell dumping he price, the last ones holding the bad start FUD.... a few die hards inists isn't a sh*t token. Complete idiots who know nohing about cryptocurrency like @erikkalash who think they will just sit on their couch and get rich from crypto trade, and think crypto's only value is in treaking it like a stock....

Admin, on facebook there are posts from 'waves platform cryptocurrency'. I think they are scam! if you want I send you the link in pvt. Thanks.

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To receive BTC from external into waves wallet

Invoice which starts with "3P" can be used for internal transfers within the network which means there can be a transfer processed with type Waves account to another Waves account. Your address from "Cryptocurrency" tab is a correct one to paste to initiate a transfer from another source just like exchange.

Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, may defer the adoption of the country’s major crypto bill “On Digital Financial Assets” (DFA) until the autumn session, local news outlet TASS reported on July 9.The Duma is considering shifting the adoption of the DFA bill to the autumn session, while the representatives have largely agreed on a bill on crowdfunding, according to the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, Anatoly Aksakov.Aksakov further explained that officials have not been able to reach a common position on the fate of digital currencies in Russia."The law on the DFA is set to decide whether we will prohibit cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange in Russian legislation, meaning that there will be no exchange points nor exchanges that work with cryptocurrencies. We have not yet reached consensus on the issue. We need to define what cryptocurrency is at the legislative level. Then there is a fork in the road: we either prohibit organizing infrastructure for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in Russia, or allow it.”Initially, the country's parliament planned to adopt the law at the end of June. At the time, Russia's deputy finance minister, Alexei Moiseev revealed that the authorities had approved separate legislation for initial coin offerings (ICOs), which will be a part of Russia’s law on crowdfunding.Previously, Russia had already postponed the adoption of crypto legislation due to a requirement from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) in late May. The FATF then ordered Russian lawmakers to expand the terminology of the federal bill on the regulation of crypto assets, requiring that the country legislate major industry terms such as cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC).

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After the waves dump

do you understand market value? Not trying o insult. Honest quesion. Supply and demand (which is what cryptocurrency is based on - unlike tradiional stocks) would suggest that, the more people get rid of waves, the less its value. As its value decreases, its demand decreases. You can THINK that when a rebound happens, that means the value will go back up and the demand will rise with that - but thas purely speculative. Its equally possibly 50% of people who sell, never buy it back and thus demand doesn't recover and the entire project takes a massive hit.

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Maybe the way. Sasha responds on twitter

wha would he be responsing to? He is not a support channel and any serious changes would require a community vote. So nothing he would say short of announcements shpuld really matter all that much. Keep in mind this is cryptocurrency not a public stock option.

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 waves are stable with fiat value lol

i dont care about values in other currencies. Waves - like all cryptocurrency - is stable in its own currency. For every 1 waves I haveever purchased, its still worth 1 waves. For every 1 BTC I have ever purchased, its still worth 1 BTC. The same is true for every other currency I have ever had. 1 USD worth 1 USD no matter how much time passes. Of course with all currencies the buying power changes, but buying power is not the same as value.

When you are saying, price is going down. That's what investor react with your thought

bu cryptocurrency is not exactly an investment. Its not a stock based company. Is currency. And whereas one can argue currency is an investment - one can also argue that a good education is an investment or teaching their kids good manners in an investment. However cryptocurrency is not an investment like a stock where you invest in a company.

@yukatyan The question itself: Good evening Alexander Ivanov. Waves plans to enter into a partnership with I think the partnership between the two companies will bring benefits and liquidity. Do for example if the replenishment of cryptocurrency fiat through Yandex and qiwi commission a modest 3 percent

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Maybe.But again, it will be loss for waves Platform, as the Ecosystem will continue to decrease

Sorry but actually exactly the opposite. It strengthens waves platform by keep off crap tokens, which has been a problem in the past. Due to the ease and low cost of creating tokens on waves, every scam, ponzi and pump and dump token was created on waves at one point. Allowing a community rating system, keeps these troublesome tokens at bay thus preserving the reputation of waves instead of people hearing "waves" and thinking "oh thats the platform of scammers".It not capitalism as capitalism doesn't work on a community based rating system. Though practically I not sure where you ever got the idea hat cryptocurrency is anti-capitalism. Nothing I have ever read would suggest such a thing. Thats just a politically motivated narative Libertarians seem to want people to think.

basically you buy shares and you hope that this company will make good product and your shares will blossom on that ride 😄

cryptocurrency is not stock. YOu don't buy shares of it. WIth shares, their value directly comes from profits and performance of a company. There is zero chance of a company making millions of dollars and shares being worth nothing. With cryptocurrency that is very possible because the value of a currency doesn't come from how well a company performs. It comes from supply and demand economics. Crypocurrency IS the product - not company performance.

if something doesnt refflect as u say something it supposed to then i dont know what you are talking about

Look into something like monero. They are not even a company. They are a community projecs that make $0 and yet still a top cryptocurrency and have been for well over a year.

I read exactly what you said bu when you are spreading false information to people, there is a point o talk about it, so others learn the reality of cryptocurrency.

I guess you are not understanding y monero is created and its use, anyway monero doesn't need any of the thing what you have mentioned

I understand it well. I am using it as an example of why cryptocurrency is not actually a stock/shares in a company.

You could right this second go grab their code from github, make changes to it, push it out to be added in monero, and the community will vote whether or not it gets added. :) And yes I agree it is a cryptocurrency true as true to the original design of cryptocurrency... and I do agree that there are sadly very few left that maintain such a ultratruism to the original intent of its development. :)

Bitpoint, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan, has been hacked with $32 million worth in crypto assets stolen from the platform.

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"First in the world" very subjetive, nor does bitcoin itself define itself as the world's first (because it is not, it just proliferated and popularized more)

because Bitcoin was not the first, the first cryptocurrency was launched at the end of 90 and everyone knows it. but I do not know more than one dapp betting exchange