Soon we will see waves do a mid 2017 ethereum!

Saying not to care about WAVES prices because of the projects within it its like saying Ethereum shouldnt give a **** about price. Kinda similar thing. Both platforms have smart contracts, tokens, dapps

Miroslav | WAVES
Greetings. I am pretty this question was answered in the article above provided by Aleksei. Waves is developing tools for building the decentralised technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 - our future digital landscape.

That's kind of vague. Does Waves aim to become a single platform that will serve as a base layer for Web 3.0 or is there any specialization? What's the positioning? Ethereum/EOS/Tron/IOST, all of them can declare that they aim for Web 3.0 (which some of them do). How is Waves different?

Ethereum isn't it?

Вoxyаn | WAVES
Hello, Anton. What do you mean? Can you explain please?

Hello, Boxyan. In Ethereum there are EIPs and off-chain decision making, in Tezos there are 4 stages and on-chain voting. How updates are applied to Waves?

sumonsk sumon

Then in your portfolio you need to find Ethereum, click "receive" then continue and you will see the deposit address

How to convert bitcoin or ethereum to cash from waves platform? Have to link to checking accounts US based?

Can you please tell me which programming language that is used to build dApp on Ethereum?

It's like going into an Ethereum group and everyone starts talking about dumping ETH. Kinda bizarre

We will destroy ethereum! 😀

We are Rulers in destroying ethereum!

Dapps are what got Ethereum so much adoption, right?

3. Or Ethereum announcing 500 million dollar to be used to buy back Ethers.