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But how do you know its sasha’s wallet

This is binance wallet 3PLrCnhKyX5iFbGDxbqqMvea5VAqxMcinPW

The wallet didn't receive vst so should be an exchange

It seems like those wallets are connected

paul ossy
Only he had 10 mln from ICO, it's hugest wallet

Before you carry on with your conspiracy, ever thought that could be an exchange wallet?

Airdrop Cock
What is the first app created on waves?

Waves wallet and waves dex? ) or first app on RIDE

To hot wallet and out

1) from was happenned 15 millions waves on Sasha wallet, when buyback was started?

what is sasha wallet

No. Thats the binance wallet

Its not binance wallet for sure

chirag kumar
can i pm you?

In case there is a personal data which must be hidden from other users from your point of view such as wallet address or txn id, then for sure feel free. For other types of messages you can use this group.

I got an error message while sending our tohen KingsCoiN to another wallet

Pump coin mean giving money to previous holders😂.The only wise to do, use your waves to grow the ecosystem.I am excited to see BSV Community that can provide opportunity to earn BSV.So, waves ecosystem should create application that allows people to earn and spend waves.Waves holders should also use waves to support ecosystem to grow, instead of keeping it in the wallet.Imagine that USD holders HODL USD. Economy will stuck, stagnation. It will be applied to any Crypto Currency or utility token.The more the currency is used in the ecosystem, the bigger ecosystem grow, the higher the price as limited unit of waves.I don't know, can waves team print more waves instead of 100 millions? As no data for maximal waves in cmcWhile BTC is only survive by pumping the price. Why? As it doesn't have Utility, as the process of transactions will be conducted by lightning. Basically, the utility is LBTC, token of lightning backed by BTC.If the price of BTC doesn't increase, miner can switch to other coin

Hey, whats the best way to move a waves wallet to another mac?

I should make a ledger wallet, trezor isnt supported isnt it?

ledger support must be relatively new or else would have made a ledger wallet from the beginning

then I should probably create a ledger wallet and send the funds over from the old wallet

then I should probably create a ledger wallet and send the funds over from the old wallet

Yeah, the main difference is, Ledger wallets don't have an internal SEED phrases, they are kept and created directly by Ledger in that case. So yes, considering Ledger, you should create a new one.

great, thanks, is trezor integration planned as well?
Our team considers all the existing ways for the implementaiton of new hardware wallets but currently I am not aware of any ETA regarding the availability of Trezor. Anyway, you can be abreast of our news being a subscriber of the following news & ann channel!
Simha Reddy
What's the difference between two websites? client(.)wavesplatform(.)com/dexand dex(.) wavesplatform (.)com?Both showing the same dex? Why the subdomain is change ?? Is there anything which I should know??

Greetings. The second link was created when there was a decision taken to make the DEX separated from the wallet. Both URLs lead to the same genuine DEX. No worries about that.

Does anyone actually Mod the waves project forums? Not that I really care, but I am looking at them for the first time and as one would expect, the first thing I did was read the rules of the forum. Ironically directly after reading the rules, I randomly selected a project post to look at... and what do I see - a post completely not in english (against rules), comments on that post leaving wallet addresses (agains rules), 88 replies not in english (against rules) and the post date started in Jan.

Can everyone explane pls?

dUSD is a token issued on the Waves blockchain for trading exclusively on Waves' decentralized exchange (DEX) during the World Series of Crypto trading (WSOC) contest. It can be traded only on the Waves DEX, and only during the contest period. Withdrawal of dUSD to other exchanges or wallets is prohibited. You can join the contest here:

I already have my wallet, I can buy waves with USD here?

When I deposit my waves in the wallet I will start stacking automatically?

Hi, I have 168 vst in my wallet, why I cannot sell it?

Are ideas from the "ideas" forum ever actually brought to the developers or is it mainly only on the the posts they specifically ask that they pay attenion to? I suspect is the second of those to things as going through recommendations there are countless recommendations for improving the dex, improving the wallets, etc. Yet it appears instead of actually going through the posts and reading those ideas, there are random posts like "Waves DEX Feature Requests" and "Waves Client Feature Requests" where Tatiana specifically asks for requests.So its not enirely clear to me if posting ideas will ever really get noticed by the people who matter.

wallet still empty 😘

Total Coin Waves = 100 millionPlan Buy Back = 2 millionThat is, funding for BB is only 2% of the total supply waves,The Question is ...Will it really impact the price?So far, the biggest trading volume waves are in the tidex market around $ 4.5M, because the volume is accumulated buy and sell, so we divide by 2, so we find it around $ 2.25M.So the Buy Back fund and the daily trading volume in the market are not very different.Daily VolumeNet = $ 2.25M | gross = $ 4.5MBuy Back FundNet = $ 3M | gross = $ 6M* Note: Example if the buy back funds are directly disbursed, but in reality the BB yield value will be stored in a special wallet not sold, it will be sold if there is a development need.So, The Summry Is ...- Maybe BB will have a big impact on the price, the maximum maybe around 30% - 50% Gain. If even more consider a bonus

Please is the master card purchase option in the waves wallet limited to some countries and regions? I am from Nigeria but i have not been able to buy from my waves wallet. Its frustrating...

Prince I
Sorry. .my bad. Nigeria is not on the list.

Do not feel bad. You can always buy WAVES with TC/ETH/LTC/ZCash/BCH/Dash/Monero within your Waves wallet or on other exchanges.

Trust Wallet, the official wallet of crypto exchange Binance, now supports WAVES! If you're a Trust Wallet user, you can send, store, receive and exchange WAVES in the app.Read more about the integration and download the wallet with WAVES support here:

Yes I checked, waves in trust wallet, Congratulations