Bye @LarsWavesCM Morning @MiroWavesCM

@MiroWavesCM Is there a way we can find out what Waves has in reserves? I mean the remnants of the ICO when they obtained BTC?

Why is waves news not picked up by crypto news sites ?

Nowhere is waves , ride , vostok , buyback news

How much progress is made on the new waves dex already?


Address to keep the waves from Buy-back?

Did you contact the team with your stoploss order feature, you developped some time ago? :) PLz do.

It required a central server to be running or the client to be running, and it wasn't really great because I would have to make it with waves keeper but that's not fully supported because of the way waves internally handles orders. There are some safety measures in place that prevent double spending orders which also cause to be all signed orders that where signed before the last order you published to become invalid

i hope Sascha is seeing this. We respect waves and hodl waves and this is what we get

what kind of an airdrop is this?

One for people with an IQ of 70 or higher...Seriously, the procedure could not be more straight forward, was easy as F***You are lucky they still want to give you the airdrop, according to the original rules you are late and should not get any imo.Would be better waves team spread the unclaimed VST to people who did actually participate the way it was described

guys this is not a good community then. Im a waves hodler, not fudder. I held since from the top

Hi when buyback start

No one knows, except for Sasha imo...You could monitor the waves address provided by Sasha to see if it is filling up


Last time I checked there was 0.25 waves and a lot of spam in it... I guess someone made a small donation 😂😂😂😂

Trust Wallet, the official wallet of crypto exchange Binance, now supports WAVES! If you're a Trust Wallet user, you can send, store, receive and exchange WAVES in the app.Read more about the integration and download the wallet with WAVES support here:

Yes I checked, waves in trust wallet, Congratulations