allora compro su binance…

qualcuno ha provato a trasferire fiat money da waves ad altro?

We reveal the mechanics and rules of the games in our Farewell Party for MRT, a sixty-day competition in which MRT holders will be able to win prizes totaling 70,000 WAVES. The competition starts on December 4. Find out more:
Claudio Ricci

Hai trasferito USD o Euro da Waves ad un conto bancario? Se si, che servizio hai usato?

perche waves fa i bonifici?

perche waves fa i bonifici?

Waves direttamente no, ma fino al mese scorso si potevano fare prelievi fiat tramite Coinomat

Claudio Ricci
Confermo. Aggiungo che la funzione è ancora attiva

Ok, grazie della info, ma con le fee che hanno preferisco aspettare che aggiungano altri servizi per il ritiro...

Hey Waves Community! The new event on LIGA is in a full swing! Explore LIGA's recent improvements and see how they look to the 2020/2021 season.
We are thrilled to be working with the DoD. They are a key community driving force & with their extra added kick you know it will be a fun evening! Here’s a reminder why they decided to support the event:
Odyssey announces the challenges for the upcoming Odyssey Hackathon 2020. As usual, the 20 challenges will cover some of the most pressing and relevant issues facing the world, from healthcare to public safety and security. We’ll reveal our building blocks, which will help participants solve one of the challenges, at Odyssey Connect – to be held on 4-5 February 2020. Find out more:

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DEXs might face tough times, but hybrid exchanges won't.