Waves gli atomic swap li usa?

Stanno creando qualcos'altro

Stando a quanto annunciato da Sasha avremo un nuovo Dex con un disastro di gateways per Settembre/Ottobre

Tantissimi gateways anche ERC20

What happened with Waves in the last month? What is Waves Enterprise? What is the Game of Nodes? All major updates for July are gathered in one video. Enjoy!
We are thrilled to announce Item Market! Our new solution targets developers who want to join decentralized gaming. Now you can tokenise, sell and buy somebody’s in-game items in a fast and easy way. Check out this article and find out how Waves is going to change the industry: http://amp.gs/S4kl
Meet the Waves Team at Berlin Blockchain Week, August 18-29! We’ll have a booth on the floor at ETHBerlinZwei, August 21-23, where you can meet the team and learn more about Waves.Plus, Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov will speak at the Web3 Summit on August 18, and Ride Lead Developer Ilya Smagin and Waves Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will conduct a workshop on Waves dApps at ETHBerlinZwei on August 23. You can even participate in a Waves Hackathon at ETHBerlinZwei, August 23-25! Visit our blog for more info: http://amp.gs/S4WJ
Check out the new article on Waves Habr, explaining TLA+ to solve different tasks in programming! Today's puzzle is to catch a cat in an easy and interesting way with TLA, let's do it! 👉http://amp.gs/SRaR

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How to generate a random number in a distributed network?🎲🔗We have a solution by the Tradisys team! The solution is already implemented in the following games: Waves Xmas Tree, Dice Roller, Coin Flip and Ride On Waves. Find out all the details👇http://amp.gs/SiPw