now spread btc wusd (waves) / btcusd bitifinex almost 30%

bitcoin wusd = $9700Bitcoin Bitifinex = $7600

bitcoin wusd = $950Bitcoin Bitfinex = $7600Still great dif

ops Bitcoin wusd = $9510

subwar, still spamming

will bitcoin wusd under $9000?

btc wusd now $9220

still goin down

20 cent soon

So far I have believed that toobut with the new changesSasha is out as CEO at WAVES Exchangewill do some things from Dec 2 ...Waves 2 $ soon

current price is a bargin

If btc can dump then there is no reason why any should complain about waves

Waves will pump to $20 EOY 2020

$ 20 is a wet dream ... but it will probably go ahead soon