When waves passing eth? Lol :)

We send your token/message to last 5000 trader active wallets for 4 waves. Many airdropped tokens go to inactive wallets when sent with mass transfer. We created a bot which tracks the blocks and collects the trader(active) wallets.We can send your token to last active waves wallets attaching your message.HOW TO DO?1) You send 5000 x amount per wallet of your token attaching your message to our wallet :3PHfBNo3uPo6QpXSARg1cGgg1vgLwUy1Pir2) You send 4 waves to the same wallet.3) We start the transfer in a few hours.4) You can track the transfers from:https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PHfBNo3uPo6QpXSARg1cGgg1vgLwUy1Pirt.me/readattach

Lol april fools joke from wave Enterprise about west and price dumps 20%

WAVES $0.947 | 0.00015256₿L:0.00014293 | H:0.000169791h: 0.27% 😏24h: 6.69% 🍻7d: 10.67% 🎉Vol: $152,903,[email protected] 🐳

The Node and Lease events are briefly as follows;Mining;* Any Waves trader/hodler with 1000 Waves is able to install Node to find blocks.* When you install a Node, you become a miner, so your Node gets the fee for each block you dig / find / generate (actually 40% comes from the block, 60% comes from the previous block).* In addition, the team gives 6 Waves awards for each block you find.* So you can earn 6 - 8 Waves per block! (Usually between 6.01 and 7.20).--------Leasing;* You can lease your Waves to an established Node, ie you can rent them.* Waves you lease will remain in the wallet but added to the balance of Node.* The higher balance of a Node, the higher probability of finding blocks.* The Node you lease/rent will distribute some or all of the prizes won to Node in proportion to the investment amount of everyone among the tenants.* So, with leasing / renting, you increase the power of Node and become a partner in Node's income.*For every 1000 WAVES on lease weekly return between ~1.04 WAVES and ~1.16 WAVES.(Not stable but yearly return is about 6%)subwar waves full nodeHow to lease?

Pipdroid Voltron and Ribbon Messenger are in ther final stages of development. If you want to invest, you can DM me directly


Waves/USD-N ⏫7.47%Ord time: 17:43:29(GMT)Upd time: 17:43:36(GMT)1.0000 4846.54960.9970 1351.72450.9970🔻400.05580.9911 482459.02670.9907 482796.3504F: 0.9277H: 1.0047L: 0.9046A: 0.9597V1: 323170.0617WavesV2: 310134.5590USD-NWEx 24h subwar