How do we copy the link to share it in general?

Gotta find out how to make a group sticker pack

When u says waves trading

Does it mean I can talk here about selling waves during pumps and buy it back at lower?

Anyone sold yesterday?

i dont even touch my waves for trading but i'd love to learn from all of you :D

The few nights i have ever gone to sleep without my waves, were soooo much harder to sleep haha . And that was months ago

Yesterday i bought 33k Ocl at 0.09 usd ea and sold back for waves Which made me 26 extra waves 🙂

I made around 450 extra waves yesterday

With the pump in the morning

Yeah pretty lucky it was at 3 am couldnt sleep so got out off bed and watched tv and was looking for a Nice trade 😀

Just timing peaks and troughs for 15% pick ups here and there

Was trading with 1 btc

Ended up with 2,3 btc

But with Waves and leasing/airdrops/all the developments , i usually just baghold Waves

After doing it few times

It’s to risky to do it with more

And it’s not always succes guaranteed lol

Its sooo risky to try for it this December! Better to wait till after hot December 😁

But was bored 😁

I think a lot of the other assets swing between daily and weekly ranges pretty often though

I have noticed it's a good one to check random assets as well.

Could probably print relatively easy profits if you stay on top of things

What u exactly mean with random assets

Stuff like WNET and OCL seems to trade in 10-30% range often fir example