Show me where the fuck I get my Waves address to send to

it doesn't come up bro

Henry Tate
it doesn't come up bro

Haha...okay, check waves name in lest side showing 0 balance & click in it

Yeah that takes me to this but you told me Not the invoice

Henry Tate

Oh God, see waves in the left, click on receive

Receive takes me to invoice!!!

holy shit that's what I asked you in the first place

Henry Tate


Henry Tate

How many you are going to sell?😉

ok don't tell anyone else now

I send 1 waves to the adress first to see if it works properly

have you been doing it also?

how long does it take to transfer?

this is stupid if it actually works

How de fok am I going to get USD out

I don't have USD account

damnit I knew there'd be a catch loool

And I can't just buy BTC/ETH or something with the USD and then transfer that

because everything on that exchange that uses USD is trading at a premium

Have fun with your USD account bro 😁

You should carry on buying and selling

then buying BTC back on another exchange with the USD

then rinse and repeat