subwarMRT WAVESL: 0.01240000 18.1%First: 0.01050000Low: 0.01049914High: 0.01257991Avg: 0.01085693🔷DEX 24h

Listing news in tidex i think

Why waves still down after 10 month pair BTC?

switching to WEST maybe

And waves still waves

nah I'm kidding, I meant WAVES -> WEST

I think about waves will be scam. But they have many project in future

subwarWEST WAVES | $L: 0.16404529 10.8% | 0.16 10.8%A: 2.244|S: 0.368WAVESFirst: 0.14799999 | 0.14Low: 0.13701000 | 0.13High: 0.16800000 | 0.17Avg: 0.15183925 | 0.15🔷DEX 24h

picture of me who bought WAVES

Btc from $700 to 9000$

Waves from 0,36 to 0,78

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A long, long time ago.

Btc up 10 times, but waves up 1 time.... really lousy

I know, its from 2016 or early 2017

Not 100% sure but I think it's a bit earlier than 2016.

60% of total WEST supply (600 million tokens) will soon be burned. Waves Enterprise has attracted all the funding it needs and this measure will significantly reduce supply. Stay tuned for further announcements about release v.1.0 and major network upgrades.

WEST tokens on the public Waves Platform network were burned at the time this article was published. Check the address for burn transactions here: Check the asset address here: tokens on the Waves Enterprise network will be locked at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday 12 November.

So around 50 million was airdropped, 300 million sold in pvt sale, rest for the team?

Ahh, 100 million more for the team,makes sense