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Ruiz v Joshua anyone?

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fuckin waves dude

Looks like west will have same fate like mrt, I dunno why there are people who still keep buying those with no reason to buy. It just more likely some incentive to waves and wct holder in the past. People sell and forget it.

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What's new on west in the near future ? No idea. Any recent feature ? What's new on waves in the near future ? Any recent feature ? Algorithmic stable coin, debt dapp, etc etc

Shasha screw the waves community

Johnny V
Shasha screw the waves community

If you have poor trading skills, don’t blame Sasha

didnt you say WEST was going ot .5

If waves can Short i will become a billionare

The Waves World Market place accepts multiple crypto currencies. Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves, Waves World, Zcash, Dash, or Paypal!Visit:
Johnny V
You assume i am trading?

If you are just holding, that’s even worse

I will laugh at you when I buy my Lambo

Two project scam listing in wavesdex MobilegoPrimalbase Be carfel

MobileGO , primalbase

Crypto One

Assets doesn't need to be listed in Waves DEX. All assets awailable by default. The difference causes only for spam assets with names like htttps\\fishingsite

Crypto One
Erc20 tokens

WHy it need to be ERC20 gateway tokens if MGO and PBT are still waves assets?
Hi friends. . .we just distributed 11th AuctoNode reward to Auct Token holders