Sold all Waves around 15k

Not buying again

Will hold btc till 20k

Will buy after Bitcoin. Bull run

Maybe at 650 0r 950 sat

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The price of waves is falling because people are buying west with their waves? 🤔

The price of waves is falling because people are buying west with their waves? 🤔

Nahh.. nobody cares about west. It is just because of btc and waves went down a little bit more than other alts because it went up a lot last month and some people took profits.

But price will go massively up in coming months and 2020 year because of its use , apps and decentralize exchange

Sasha have no plan to west just use it to collect same fud People give up from west no one interesting about buying west any more

Buy cucumbers is better than buy west

I have order in 0.01 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤑🤑🤑

West dump After dump

This dumps never end

He Can sold same cheap


Yes of course there is fud in west becouse he hold west


Nothing important with Sasha News West listed in tidex = west dump600 M west born = west dumpThis is my point

I'm sure you're waiting for the best time.

I'm sure you're waiting for the best time.

Yes best Time to buy cheap 0.05 to 0.01 🤣😂🤣😂🤑🤑🤑😘

Great 🚀

great .. already one year delay 🥳

Trump said no War btc dump

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WAVES $0.832 | 0.00010492฿L:0.00010327 | H:0.000108121h: -0.47% 😕24h: 1.54% 😄7d: -28.00% 😱Vol: $40,706,594Trade on FTX 🚀

WEST/WAVES ⏫3.65%Ord time: 08:38:12(GMT)Update time: 08:38:42(GMT)0.06949460 27.86000.06940482 7.71890.06917638 7.12700.06914371 14.40330.06879453 12.86500.06846431 13.01820.06820000🔻10.77960.06820000 11951.23280.06813935 373.04130.06800004 13508.63460.06750014 127.29900.06749499 1212.00000.06749498 [email protected]_wavesfullnodeF: 0.06579987H: 0.07033128L: 0.06554241A: 0.06812875V1: 123386.34567551WESTV2: 8406.15794303WAVESWEx 24h subwar

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