Well, there is always TurtleNetwork (TN)

Most countries banned Libra coin but im sure Libya won't ban it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Securely Trade | Exchange | Issue Token | Transfer | Tip on Turtle Network.Pinned List for Turtle NetworkExchange: TN DEX --> https://client.turtlenetwork.euExchange: Waves DEX --> https://client.wavesplatform.comExchange: --> --> Summary Info of TN DEX --> (GW links via, Litecoin, Waves, Dash, Wagerr, Syscoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Afin, TN.Telegram Bots;Notification service: service: Official Groups;TurtleNetwork $TN (Official Main Chat): $TN Indonesia (Official): Node Friends (Official): OTC Market (Official): Wallet Testers (Official): private group by inviteTelegram UnOfficial Groups;TurtleNetworkRU $TN (unofficial Russia Chat): - Nigeria (unofficial Chat): SC Testers (unofficial): Tipping ‘Tip Tuesday’ (unofficial): Bounty (unofficial): Tweets (unofficial): Links;Website: https://www.turtlenetwork.euDEX | Wallet: https://client.turtlenetwork.euStats: http://statistics.turtlenetwork.euExplorer | Gateways: https://explorer.turtlenetwork.euAPI: https://marketdata.turtlenetwork.euTestNet Links;Test Wallet: https://www.testclient.turtlenetwork.euTest Explorer: https://testnetexplorer.turtlenetwork.euTest Stats: Elite TestersTurtleNetwork Labs private group

What's that?

It was a Waves issued asset but now it is also it's own Decentralized exchange called TurtleNetwork Dex.

What's that?

It's a pretty nice project and exchange and people are very friendly in the TurtleNetwork Telegram.

Really.. I like to know more This is the link for the TurtleNetwork Community.

WEST/WAVES ⏫11.88%Ord time: 09:54:19(GMT)Update time: 09:54:47(GMT)0.07789990 4395.75730.07764093 12.97760.07753343 13.14750.07750000 2500.00000.07727829 2144.34110.07720000 6236.53690.07720000🔻13.50470.07412542 0.00030.07411254 0.00030.07371000 9.41040.07370000 40.70560.07361002 498.55440.07361001 [email protected]_wavesfullnodeF: 0.06900000H: 0.07874318L: 0.06800007A: 0.07475735V1: 247446.32026322WESTV2: 18498.43035567WAVESWEx 24h subwar

Weekly payouts for 1000 Waves on lease. @subwar_wavesfullnode

WAVES $0.823 | 0.00010255฿L:0.00010257 | H:0.000106681h: -1.23% 😑24h: -3.75% 😥7d: -25.16% 😱Vol: $36,257,959Trade on Bybit 📈

BITCOIN $8119.510 | 1.00000000฿L:1.00 | H: 1.001h: 0.00% 😏24h: 0.00% 😏7d: 0.00% 😏Vol: $35,903,930,079Trade on Bybit 📈

Does anyone here have an ithenticate account?

BTC $8,081.500L: $7,688.29|H: $8,217.851h: 0.37% 😏24h: 4.58% 😮7d: 10.28% 🎉Vol: $36,347,111,047FTX: Leveraged Tokens💰

WAVES $0.821 | 0.00010218฿L:0.00009918 | H:0.000105421h: 1.37% 😄24h: -2.99% 😔7d: -21.71% 😨Vol: $42,206,956FTX: Leveraged Tokens💰

WAVES $0.816 | 0.00010125฿L:0.00009918 | H:0.000106101h: 0.90% 😏24h: -4.47% 😅7d: -22.42% 😨Vol: $39,551,[email protected] 🐳

-23.71% x 5 Weeks = Almost 0%😂😂😂😂

Waves/WBTC ⏬-4.35%Ord time: 09:25:28(GMT)0.00010199 71.95710.00010186 2.98040.00010181 153.84640.00010159 556.57910.00010124🔹537.67980.00010139 544.45500.00010118 842.81680.00010087 6.65910.00010083 816.9678F: 0.00010584H: 0.00010631L: 0.00009844A: 0.00010145V1: 119179.4678WavesV2: 12.0903WBTCWEx 24h subwar

WAVES/USDT ⏫0.39%Ord time: 09:28:55(GMT)0.8245 2126.07000.8244 231.43000.8228🔻60.84000.8224 121.00000.8210 6.5300F: 0.8196H: 0.8403L: 0.8012A: 0.8170V: 989509.9863USDTBinance 24h subwar

DEAR 🔷️ WAVES COMMUNITY we will be AIRDROP the tokens $Wbet + $PoltEcoCoin to all our Leasers for FREE. 🤩You also WIN:+$Waves+$Waveslease token = 0.21$Waves• To participate AIRDROP, just LEASE your WAVES to our NODE • The more WAVES you have on the node, the more $Wbet + $PoltEcoCoin + $Waves + $Waveslease Token you will EARN. • You can use $WBET to PLAY at the ONLINE CASINO. You can use $WBET to put stacking on the ( dividends option ) in website or simply sell on and make profits.• You can use POLTECOCOIN to purchase BlackCaviar and other products provided by the project.See the website project and join the current ICO in wavesexchange website: The Airdrop will last for a few weeks or maybe a few months. Seize the opportunity and LEASE NOW! 🤩Tutorial: How to Lease? join the waveslease Telegram:

does anyone here have access to iThenticate?

WAVES $0.821 | 0.00010218฿L:0.00009918 | H:0.000105421h: 1.37% 😄24h: -2.99% 😔7d: -21.71% 😨Vol: $42,206,956Bybit: No Overload📈

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(1869810 - 1880080) Weekly Payout#23 has sent;110.0883 WAVES full list400 FIDYO—-We paid 🔥1.38365876 for every 1000 Waves on lease🚀—-Join usSiteTelegramTwitter—Waves Forumsubwar Fidyo

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