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KSS(Waves) is traded on the waves.exchange. 100% of our performance fee (30% of profits) of the Pipdroid forex trading pool will be used to buy back KSS monthly.Total supply: 25 billionCirculating supply: ~10 million

DEAR 🔷️ WAVES COMMUNITYDONT MISS!!! 👈We would like to announce that on JANUARY 18th we will be ☆ FREE AIRDROP ☆several tokens of interesting projects at WAVES of which we are PARTNERS for all our LEASERS.To participate, just LEASING to node: waveslease.com [ The more WAVES you lease, The more TOKENS you will receive ] How to lease? https://waveslease.com/index.php/page/view/how-to-lease👑 You win 👑• 🔷 ️$Waves • $CoffeCoin - [ Token For Buying, Selling, Tracking & Certifying Coffee Using Distributed Ledger Technology On The Waves Platform coffeecoin.io ]• $Promo Token - [ Fuel Token from twitter.com/Wavesprojects EXCLUSIVE channel for spread projects build on Waves. Follow this page 👍 ]• $Waveslease Token - [ Node native token negotiated at 0.21Waves on wavesexchange, weekly NODE team BUYBACK and BURNS this token on the market adding value and demand to it ]• $Wbet - [ Online casino token where you can play games or put on Stacking wavesbet.com ]• $PoltEcoCoin - [ Current ICO on wavesexchange. This Token that can be exchanged for Caviar in future poltecogroup.com ]INFO:Waveslease Telegram:@wavesleasenode

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Alguém aí faz trade

nao, aqui é tudo HODL.

WAVES $0.862 | 0.00010639฿L:0.00010344 | H:0.000108001h: -0.25% 😕24h: 2.62% 😀7d: -11.73% 😢Vol: $49,726,835Bybit: Trade Futures🚀


First TN- Waves Gateway service open for business! Thanks for the support everyone 😁

Weekly payouts for 1000 Waves on lease.——————————————--Address for leasing: 3P97yh1LjCa1CPTnazCSgzxJw7LPbjmfsb3Alias: subwar

When most of us give up wheals buy cheap and get Big profit

Check out the custom merchandise! Add your projects token logo on Hoodies, Shirts, coffee mugs and personalize items in WW marketplace here: https://wavesworld.io/marketplace/product-category/custom-merchandise/

All gateway details and chat around Pool Party node waves mining services can be found here

No doubt waves is the most undervalued cucumbers. Sure will reach usd 100 in 2 weeks

Definately usd 200

Good morning, why doesn't west appear in coinmarketcap, being in the exhanges and having volume?

West coin morreu

This coin is not listed on exchanges we support 🐳FTX: Leveraged Tokens💰

This coin is not listed on exchanges we support 🐳FTX: Leveraged Tokens💰

LAMBO $0.000 | 0.00000000฿L:0.00000000 | H:0.000000001h: 0.00% 😏24h: 0.00% 😏7d: 0.00% 😏Vol: $0Bybit: No Overload📈

David Khaw
Very simple, cause who to listing cucumbers coins ?!

Because you say it's a cucumber. Don't you think it's a good project?

WAVES $0.870 | 0.00010052฿L:0.00009989 | H:0.000106951h: 0.13% 😏24h: -4.94% 😅7d: -12.78% 😢Vol: $48,040,226Bybit: Trade Futures🚀

Waves and west holders We all rekt and rekt again and again and again

I think is Time to cash out from this fucking joke

waves will pump anytime now

waves will pump anytime now

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