Uh there is nothing happening

Waves is breaking daily and weekly trend

you wish for a pullback but WAVES is on uptrend now

WEST $0.077 | 0.00000786฿L:0.00000684 | H:0.000007981h: 2.49% 😀24h: 14.81% 🎉7d: -1.03% 😑Vol: $79,[email protected] 🐋

We are the sellers and buyers :)

Bro, a little time ago we pomped from 1000 sat to 1500 sat straight back to 1000 sat

Now we pump from 10000 to 13000 now, what will happen bro?

i dont know but waves has it in him to dump back to previous price

Waves is still the sleeping giant.

For me waves is worth more than $2 at least

West pumped to 0.5 waves, now 0.06 waves😂

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So cool to waves value going up inside the app 😙👈

Ah yes another pump followed by a 40% drop, time to make some money

This cycle we will see Waves ATH > $100.

WAVES $1.390 | 0.00014135฿L:0.00010791 | H:0.000146081h: -2.62% 😔24h: 30.80% 🌙7d: 38.02% 🌙Vol: $189,522,045Bybit: $90 Bonus📈

its $1.37 on binance

BTC $9,855.500L: $9,771.54|H: $10,175.391h: 0.45% 😏24h: -1.78% 😑7d: 5.64% 🍻Vol: $81,490,299,[email protected] 🤖

Graham Lerant
This cycle we will see Waves ATH > $100.

Yeah lets call it a first future target, true value would be a couple of hunderds of USD, just a matter of time (mine opinion)

Waves looking great

TOP 50 on coingecko

back to TOP 20 in 2020

Hello, any reason why Waves up that much? I was on holidays and dont know what is going on. Thanks

Binance opened fiat gateway for Russian ruble

The best blockchain in Russia apparently is waves.

WAVES $1.420 | 0.00014409฿L:0.00010791 | H:0.000146081h: 2.37% 😀24h: 33.29% 🌙7d: 40.70% 🌗Vol: $204,342,240Save 5% on Binance 💸

something wrong with the 2nd tesseract