WAVES/USDT ⏫30.50%Ord time: 21:14:06(GMT)Upd time: 21:14:06(GMT)1.4398 1200.00001.4397 850.00001.4372 24.49001.4339 116.74001.4306🔻10.07001.4308 492.20001.4307 70.05001.4306 591.23001.4305 12.0600F: 1.0962H: 1.4675L: 1.0949A: 1.2968V1: 5303997.7500WAVESV2: 6878325.3870USDTBinance 24h subwar

when would Waves, West, BTC and ETH pump

They are actually my best coins

WAVES $1.450 | 0.00014789฿L:0.00010850 | H:0.000153631h: -3.07% 😥24h: 36.31% 🌙7d: 39.68% 🌙Vol: $243,628,962FTX: Leveraged Tokens 💰

WAVES $1.380 | 0.00014158฿L:0.00011351 | H:0.000153631h: -0.74% 😕24h: 24.73% 💰7d: 33.72% 🌙Vol: $249,996,648Bybit: $90 Bonus📈

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A reported Us$ 80m + volume on Dex in last 24hrs. Nearly all on Waves/usdn

So what you guys say? USDN helped us pump?yesterday 2m usdn locked, 1.8m wavestoday 3.5m usdn locked, 2.2m waves

Tom de Sausman
But waves out of circulation

ahhh yes, that is part of the scheme of USDN. the locking of Waves.

Neutrino:Total issued: 3517539.69 USDNLocked for swap: 388057.21 USDNBalance: 2287493.59 WAVESPrice: 1.50Deficit: -91369.3 USDN (-2.59%)Bonds:Start issue bonds: 1.46 (~182733.84 USDN)Total bonds to buying: 0Start liquidation bonds: 1.55 (22836.38 USDN)Total bonds to liquidation: 542532All bonds will be liquidated at: 1.78Auction:Bonds balance: 0 USDNBStaking:Total staked: 1133507.08 USDN36.3% of total issuedStaking reward rate: 20.2% per year

Sasha took 2 million out of circulation last yearWaves has 10 million (maybe some more or less now) since ICO51 MIllion Waves leased (inc. USD-N node)Sasha's 2 million has been leased, the 10 millon a big part of it I think. So probably around 45 Million Waves in circulation give or take?

WAVES $1.420 | 0.00014365฿L:0.00012561 | H:0.000155061h: -2.66% 😔24h: 11.28% 🎉7d: 35.68% 🌙Vol: $228,989,044Save 5% on Binance 💸

Anyone know about west ?? Will be listed anytime???? Cheers

WEST $0.080 | 0.00000815฿L:0.00000763 | H:0.000008801h: -2.90% 😔24h: 2.44% 😀7d: -2.22% 😔Vol: $101,355FTX: Bitcoin Options 🚀

It will be listed on other exchanges as well

WAVES $1.440 | 0.00014179฿L:0.00012646 | H:0.000155061h: -2.60% 😔24h: 11.73% 🎉7d: 33.91% 🌙Vol: $233,499,176FTX: Leveraged Tokens 💰

Hopefully after waves popularity will go to binance soon !!! 😁

Mr Turtle - blackturtle
he means WEST

Would be cool if WEST would be on binance in the future 🤗