WAVES $1.440 | 0.00014101฿L:0.00013666 | H:0.000155061h: -0.05% 😕24h: -0.66% 😕7d: 33.18% 🌙Vol: $210,095,[email protected] 💀

WAVES/USDT ⏫3.11%Ord time: 18:26:43(GMT)Upd time: 18:26:49(GMT)1.4410 9.65001.4400 337.92001.4399 1200.00001.4397 71.41001.4370🔻1075.00001.4370 1690.82001.4364 101.48001.4363 272.65001.4352 1600.0000F: 1.3936H: 1.5620L: 1.3100A: 1.4361V1: 7524005.3400WAVESV2: 10805254.0880USDTBinance 24h subwar


hello what do you thik about tshis possible scenario


will be nice to have one more oportunity to accumulate it in a cheap level

WAVES $1.410 | 0.00013738฿L:0.00013666 | H:0.000155061h: -1.72% 😑24h: -7.61% 😰7d: 30.34% 🌙Vol: $156,044,[email protected] 💀


WAVES $1.430 | 0.00013891฿L:0.00013750 | H:0.000155061h: -0.15% 😕24h: 0.24% 😏7d: 31.79% 🌙Vol: $126,760,[email protected] 💀

WAVES $1.490 | 0.00014474฿L:0.00013750 | H:0.000148081h: -0.46% 😕24h: -1.22% 😑7d: 37.32% 🌙Vol: $114,850,[email protected] 🐳

So how did Waves volume go from like 80M to 264k??! 😂

Not organic pattern


WAVES $1.460 | 0.00014156฿L:0.00013750 | H:0.000147161h: -1.11% 😑24h: 0.79% 😏7d: 34.30% 🌙Vol: $107,503,886Bybit: Trade Futures 🚀


WAVES $1.430 | 0.00013753₿L:0.00013590 | H:0.000147161h: -0.42% 😕24h: -1.45% 😑7d: 33.38% 🌙Vol: $103,860,532FTX: Leveraged Tokens 💰

$WAVES has gained considerable volume and value following the launch of a new decentralized staking interface on Waves.Exchange.https://decrypt.co/18917/waves-price-triples-in-value-in-just-three-months
Live stream channel for WEST/WAVES (All values update auto every 5 sec., just watch!)Prices and orderbook channel!Waves.Exchange 24h

Is this a legit twitter account: @WavesAsset1 ??

Is this a legit twitter account: @WavesAsset1 ??

Most likely not, is he asking for seed and stuff to redeem coins?

BTC $10,279.000L: $10,118.42|H: $10,435.051h: -0.14% 😕24h: 0.54% 😏7d: 4.93% 😮Vol: $52,409,115,[email protected] 💀

WAVES $1.530 | 0.00014959₿L:0.00013565 | H:0.000149351h: 4.39% 😮24h: 8.32% 🍻7d: 42.97% 🌗Vol: $94,884,[email protected] 🐳

chuck u. farley
is there a statistics page for USDN?

Here you can see some statistics http://dev.pywaves.org/usdn/

WAVES $1.490 | 0.00014583₿L:0.00013565 | H:0.000145841h: 2.39% 😀24h: 5.86% 🍻7d: 39.38% 🌙Vol: $86,968,429FTX: Bitcoin Options 🚀

WAVES/USDT ⏫9.85%Ord time: 13:16:35(GMT)Upd time: 13:16:35(GMT)1.5575 1048.60001.5574 2086.50001.5576🔹1.81001.5537 1048.60001.5534 1037.9000F: 1.4180H: 1.5649L: 1.3665A: 1.4457V1: 1518251.0600WAVESV2: 2194949.1055USDTBinance 24h subwar

hope you guys are loading up before $2 breakout

Siap Ready!
after down 90% from ATH? 🤣

ok now do the coins in the top 100 that traded at that time

besides not everyone bought the top unless you suck at trading so why would I care about ATH, I am in profit

Siap Ready!
no one cares. and i dont care it is up 7% after down 95% from ATH. 🤣🤣

if you don't care why reply to my posts. seems like you do care and are bitter. did you buy the top?

I can teach you to trade if you want, you can pay in WAVES

hope you guys are loading up before $2 breakout

Nah, I'm gonna load up on West when it goes into .00000002 satotshi break-down because everyone will dump it in order to loadup up on Waves at ATH.