WAVES/USDT ⏬-12.10%Ord time: 05:59:54(GMT)1.2970 279.76001.2969 151.15001.2922🔹8.13001.2850 640.08001.2849 1395.5600F: 1.4700H: 1.4906L: 1.2611A: 1.3730V1: 1649539.6500WAVESV2: 2264865.4293USDTBinance 24h subwar

UPDATE NEWS!!!🔹 For all holders of QCASH, Swap is ongoing to QnodeCoin (It's a New Blockchain & Mineable).Do steps below to Swap QCASH#1. Visit swap page 👇https://qngnode.cc/events#2. Click QCASH SWAP#3. Fill out the form#4. You're DONE (Pls follow instructions carefully)🧵You must swap from Waves Dex🧵You can also swap to exchange address (but, we don't advise this)👉 Min SWAP: 500 QCASH👉 SWAP ends April 5th, 2020👉 Ratio: 1 QCASH = 10 QNC🔹 For now QNC Wallet can only be used for Windows & Linux... We shall make Mac-OS and Raspberry available in Q2.👉 Download Wallets herehttps://www.qngnode.cc/#wallets🔹 QNC EXCHANGES✅ Nanu Exchange has been listed on 13, FEB, 2020.--- Trade has opened 15th, Feb--- Price opens from $0.005--- Markets: BTC, WAVES & NNC#1. BTC/QNC https://nanu.exchange/exchange#btc_qnc#2. WAVES/QNC https://nanu.exchange/exchange#waves_qnc#3. NNC/QNC https://nanu.exchange/exchanges#nnc_qnc🔹 OTHER GUIDE✅ A Guide on ""How to Deploy a MasterNode with a free $100 VPS"https://qngnode.cc/masternode✅ Explorer (Iquidus) ready and we are binding address soon.🔹 TESTIMONIES ON MINING__Below are some of the community member who SWAP QCASH early and deployed Masternodes. There Mnodes has been forging progressively and securing the Blockchain.#1. bit.ly/41200TROOPER#2. bit.ly/Masternode-QNCThere are over 9 MasterNodes in less than 2weeks of Launch. Get a MasterNode today...👇 MN Collateral:4120 QCASH OR 41,200 QNCThanks, for Believing in UsTeam QNG

and every day the same .. dump dump dumpWaves is the last muck.

waves is a terrible disease

Mick Mimosa
and every day the same .. dump dump dumpWaves is the last muck.

People People this is normal up and down..and fora this is platforma Like Simdaq and other for crypto very good project


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Hope you took profit!

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im taking a loan plebs

buy the dip

REKT Jonathan, [14.02.20 20:59]hope you guys are loading up before $2 breakoutJonathan, [15.02.20 12:42]Load up before $2 breakout

still under $2 not too late to buy the dip before the $2 breakout

Is it possible 2$ this month? Or 10$?

Waves/USD-N ⏬-1.18%Ord time: 17:15:35(GMT)Upd time: 17:16:02(GMT)1.3285 28.74171.3200 76.32001.3144🔻166.90001.3107 234254.08481.3101 313.5029F: 1.3301H: 1.4162L: 1.2297A: 1.3248V1: 430957.0515WavesV2: 570939.5149USD-NWEx 24h subwar

WAVES $1.370 | 0.00014024₿L:0.00012806 | H:0.000139281h: 2.81% 😀24h: 6.27% 🍻7d: -5.54% 😰Vol: $73,114,969FTX: Bitcoin Options 🚀

Weekly payouts for 1000 Waves on lease.——————————————--1000 Waves için haftalık dağıtımlar.—Address for leasing: 3P97yh1LjCa1CPTnazCSgzxJw7LPbjmfsb3Alias: subwar-How to lease

i'm curious if we'll break the 15-17K sat resistance zone.

/tv wavesbtc 1d

if so 20K sat is on the way and after that not much of resistance till 25K and 30K.

WEST/WUSD ⏫172.73%Ord time: 11:59:24(GMT)0.2300 50.00000.2200 50.00000.3000🔹0.03330.1100 0.09090.1000 147.6000F: 0.1100H: 0.3000L: 0.1000A: 0.1298V1: 856.1577WESTV2: 111.1100WUSDWEx 24h subwar

hope you guys bought the dip

Waves is making a move for top 40