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Anyone here that can develop on the waves platform? Looking for a dev thats familiar with RIDE. please pm me or comment below. Compensation will be provided

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what are you taking about

what waves?what l can do about waves

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Hi. Is there some PHP library for Waves available?

Which exchange is West on?

waves.exchange and tidex rn

The dump is due to the current conditions and the disease and its effects on the world.I was technically expecting such a move, although I foresaw another strategy and lost a lot.But my new analysis predicts the beginning of a long-term uptrend, and its coincidence with Hawking and the possible treatment of Covid 19 could lead to a huge increase.


Hello, any update about Wusd withdrawal??

Usdt in waves exchange is a ERC20 Token?

Support waves by voting here

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Live stream channel for WEST/WAVES (All values update auto every 5 sec., just watch!)subwar Prices and orderbook channel!Waves.Exchange 24h