it seems to be a fake wall :/


What I asked myself before the Vostok tokensale basically after it topped out.. will this not be a way for people to buy/hold waves so that large holders can gradually dump their tokens on believers in Vostok airdrop.. look what happened. We are at 1/10th of the price against bitcoin since then. Thanks

Thanks for the info

Profit 7 Days, lost 992.49 Bitcoin (BTC) = 10.589.418 EUR

Yep. Inflation killed Bitcoin and Ethereum

Dmitry {dirty speculator} #0
total supply is growing

tell me total supply of bitcoin in 2009 and tell me total supply of bitcoin in 2019

You can't change Bitcoin Supply without censuses. And that censuses is participated in by every miner small or big no matter.

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woah seriously?

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Do you think mining bitcoin is good idea ?! 🤔

A bit of help to spread the word of the lord

bitcoin is dragging alts, this is ruin lol

/google Bitcoin

idiot market maker of dex , which is team btw :D they see them selves like they are bitcoin market makers, and trying to puch everybody in wrong position allways, but they dont know this " dex is a potantial growing exchanges and thats why market maker shouldnt push people to wrong positions if they want to grow,"

Shill guys

What's Bitcoin Crash ? LOL