Just sell waves for bitcoin there is 0 chance waves will recover

Gabriel E Posada V
What do you mean whole waves?;all

Oh, No!

oh yes!;all

Arrow is out of Bow Now sure it will hit somewhere, Bitcointalk is a history about any coin and token it tells alot about them.

Gaby Gaby
Everything is weird in crypto world , last year when West ( ex Vostok ) raised 120 millions $, waves went up by more than 400% , now west is available nobody want it 🤔

Don’t worry. When WEST goes up by % 200, people will start thinking of buying it. Just like people started thinking of buying bitcoin when it rallied

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Bitcoin $10200? wft? Bitcoin Bitfinex = $8480

now arb Btc/wusd (dex waves) x bitcoin bitfinex = 23%

bitcoin wusd = $9700Bitcoin Bitifinex = $7600

bitcoin wusd = $950Bitcoin Bitfinex = $7600Still great dif

ops Bitcoin wusd = $9510

will bitcoin wusd under $9000?

32% DIF from Bitcoin wusd (Dex waves) to Bittirex $9300 / $7000

Bitcoin is expensive in dex because wusd is not worth 1 dollars

HY ALL.... now 35% dif from bitcoin wusd (Dex Waves) / Bitfinex

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Mr Turtle - blackturtle
So what if people lose trust in usdn? Then same will happen

what if people lose trust in Bitcoin? Ethereum? The reason stable coins work is because they are backed by networks large enough that the odds of them failing are minimal. This is also why certain stablecoins trade at a discount, like SUSD which is the SNX backed stablecoin used on the Synthetix Network.

In this market we need to be patient. Many projects are going through adverse wind, even Bitcoin. I still believe in the Waves project, great team. Positive wind will blow again, I am sure.

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Você sabia que, com apenas US $ 200, você pode ganhar um máximo de US $ 400 dentro de 48 horas da sessão de mineração de bitcoin Nenhum risco assumido Seus ganhos são garantidos Sem enviar dinheiro ou bitcoin a ninguém Caixa de entrada me e me perguntar como?

its my luck i bought tesla and bitcoin on the bottom


@hawky_WavesGo In reaction related to the new monetary policy, what should be interresting is to have a marketresearch about the most profitable POS coins related to Waves, including a comperation to Bitcoin. With our new monetary policy we should make it work out that we come out at the top of the list and become the most profitable crypto in any situation. If we could proof to be more profitable than any of the other cryptos out there we could attract a lott of new people into the waves network that start running nodes or staking, as well all the activity on the network would grow with more people involved (grow community), more projects started (RIDE smartcontracts), higher DEX volume, etc, etc.Our monetary policy could start the snowball effect if we play it well! So, if we could proof and handle accordingly by decent research that we are the most profitable in any situation this would be more than good marketing!

Which is also why you are down massively in Bitcoin, because you are a bad trader

Bitcoin to $10k Waves to a new ATL, just watch

Will buy after Bitcoin. Bull run

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I'd bet on Bitcoin going up more than Waves

You would have had a better return just holding Bitcoin

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Sasha buy bitcoin not waves

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Gandul Ted
What is stable price meaning?

Stable means "I hope Bitcoin doesn't go up because my BTC portfolio is constantly down, but I'm okay with that because my USD value holds"

Why would anyone hold Waves when Bitcoin is going up

Why has Bitcoin not died yet.. after Bitcoincash, BSV, BTG forked?

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