I shared the explanation video of waves on a Crypto Video Platform. If the video gets 53 likes/upvotes it will be shown at the Homepage under Top-Rated videos. The video platform has 22k unique users. Nice free advertising to get more awareness and new members 😊

Hi guys, good morning. Any projects that are selling their utilities in cryptocuercy? Companies, Business or individuals?

I don't think so. Every crypto is down currently...

Sasha Ivanov speaking to CoinDesk on developing Waves Enterprise brand and how it can succeed abroad.
The Waves World Market place accepts multiple crypto currencies. Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves, Waves World, Zcash, Dash, or Paypal!Visit:

Hi guys Im with Tonatiu International Business Xchange. We are a new working Waves Token market in the and we are looking to work with existing businesses that trade their utilities and stocks in cryptocuercy.We are a very new project just started om Nov 13 our Telegram group is @TonatiuIBX all Waves tokens are welcome
The Waves World Market place accepts multiple crypto currencies. Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves, Waves World, Zcash, Dash, or Paypal!Visit:
DEXs might face tough times, but hybrid exchanges won't.

@hawky_WavesGo In reaction related to the new monetary policy, what should be interresting is to have a marketresearch about the most profitable POS coins related to Waves, including a comperation to Bitcoin. With our new monetary policy we should make it work out that we come out at the top of the list and become the most profitable crypto in any situation. If we could proof to be more profitable than any of the other cryptos out there we could attract a lott of new people into the waves network that start running nodes or staking, as well all the activity on the network would grow with more people involved (grow community), more projects started (RIDE smartcontracts), higher DEX volume, etc, etc.Our monetary policy could start the snowball effect if we play it well! So, if we could proof and handle accordingly by decent research that we are the most profitable in any situation this would be more than good marketing!

Jimmy Does
What is this neutrino?

Dollar neutrino (USD-N) is a crypto-collateralized token pegged to US dollar. The first stablecoin protocol which gives holders the ability of staking with rewards generated by the Waves Platform’s economy.

C’mon guys that’s why crypto is crypto

We need to go in top 10 crypto’s

No beacause crypto is in bear season
Crypto One
Sasha News to Fuck us

Possibly. I kind of don't think crypto is meant for mass adoption.

The year 2020 or 2021 all crypto currencies will touch it's highest prices once again.. Hope for best.. Play your roll, put your efforts and put results on God. 😊👍 happy new year guys

90% of crypto hodler are waiting for Exit

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But you get nothing on r/cryptocurrency, very little on twitter, heck on 4chan biz all you have is that one guy shilling for WAU and actively telling people not to buy WAVES.

The entire crypto market is going up, this is a good time for $ west to appear in more exchanges and in cmc and from here to the moon. How is the subject? some news? list of ongoing projects?