I'll keep in secret other more complex financial solution to get bigger annual rate in fiat in crypto - but this ones is more than enough

Neutrino has tons of risks that are described in WP. Basicly it's assosiated with waves that can just die in luquidity. Chances of regulated poloniex going scam is less than one cryptocurrency dying.

We are always passing the crypto and the tips. Come over and famiar with this? sounds... risky at the least and they are on waves now. It sounds scammy but Im not sure if it is.

R.I.P., of the biggest scams in the history of crypto.

It is silly to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies

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lol, TA is useless in cryptoworld IMO

I want Coffee
Wow... what if Mcafee is right ?

As China & Canada govt accepted blockchain & created their own crypto curency, so its possible.

hello how about a question, I want to sell an interesting crypto but it comes with a Smart Asset, what do you recommend me to do? How are they sold in this case?

& then all Crypto Currency will MOONMohahahahahahahah

This is evil crypto

Ok yes in many stuff, especially in crypto. Sorry can't even troll properly x)

IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTFollowing disagreement on different points with a customer who intended to cheat freelancers while using Auctionlance, a client is trying to blackmail us.As the deal did not part in good terms, it is in the likely that he will spread some misinformation and fud.We will be seeking to ensure the Auctionlance platform remains a reliable and safe spot to hire and pay professional frelenacers with crypto.Thanks!

So Putin might think mr Ivanov isnt trustworthy, or not a stable enough person for its crypto projects. Heck, he might even be afraid mr Ivanov simply sells all one day unexpectedly.

Poloniex maybe

This makes me nostalgic for the olden days, when crypto was so much more simpler. A true classic!

Henry Tate
I see you can buy waves on there but not transfer from another exchange

You need to buy waves from Binance & sell at waves dex. Are you new to crypto?
Waves need to do something to clear about Doubts otherwise big slap will happen in price again.

Absolutely right the only thing that has to happen quickly is the NXT Ico Swap, which Sasha has been promising for yearsBy doing so, he can show the crypto world that he is Honorable and bring back the lost trust in him and his projects

Slowly he should buy back, don't forget your base from where you came and started.

not slow but fastand that before a crypto news site picks that story up and publishes it.

Is west scam? Why it market value just around 30 million only so cheap??

Because no one has faith/trust anymore in Sasha. And because the majority in crypto are not investors who can think longterm, so they sell low and buy high. Always trade opposite to your emotion. Year(s) from now you’ll regret not stepping in.

Everything is weird in crypto world , last year when West ( ex Vostok ) raised 120 millions $, waves went up by more than 400% , now west is available nobody want it 🤔

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Free prize pools of crypto currency for anyone interested in playing some games for free and being able to win!

Are other cryptos ok to trade? play games for free and win crypto