chuck u. farley
The reason I ask, all FUD aside, of course, With all the drama of Waves is there something that the masses don't see that you or others closer to Developement see that inspires you from the project?

What inspired me, personally was the whole ecosystem in general, having a Dex was huge back then (and it still is) the downside was that it wasn't marketed enough, lack of gateways made us suffer, can't deny that, but the client is amazing, I mean, out of a few other crypto project I used in the past, this was (and still is) the only one I use daily.The technology behind waves it's amazing, there's people learning how to build on it and Making stuff on it. Hopefully this whole association thing would change how things are decided / made, but this is just speculation, I don't know what are the details of the whole thing

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Mick Mimosa
and every day the same .. dump dump dumpWaves is the last muck.

People People this is normal up and down..and fora this is platforma Like Simdaq and other for crypto very good project

Among speakers of the forum: Ruslan Ensebaev (Vice-minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan);Joselite Ramirez (The National Superintendent of Crypto actives in Venezuela);Anatoly Kaplan (Founder of Forklog)Sergei Khitrov (Founder of Listing.Help and Jets.Capital);Arthur Azizov (Founder of;Alexander Borodich (Founder of Universa);Bulat Kaliev (Head of Blockchain Lab at Deloitte CIS);Nikolay Mukhanov (CEO S7 TechLab);Rauan Khassan (VP TradingView);Artem Kalikhov (CPO of Waves Enterprise) and others.Two days of networking with top-management of the leading companies: Binance, BitForex, Listing.Help, Trading View, Huobi, KuCoin, B2Broker, Bitmain, Gazprom Neft and many others await Blockchain Life 2020’s attendees.

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Hi everyone, Im starting a new and unique project, We are creating the first legal Micronation in Mexico. With the first to have a full decentralize cryptocuercy for a nation! ERC20 token or Waves Token. Our Telegram group is @TlalocTlan

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Warning ⚠ @H2OXio has been running for 2 years as a "Waves Exchange" but its been 2 years and nothing. This so call exchange has problems when user try to take crypto out.1) Users with large about of crypto deposit get band for no reason.2) Users that deposit their crypto to create a faucet can't do so, only projects the creator likes get the faucets 3) If users complain about the service, the creator always highlights how the service is free and blocks the user and takes their crypto. If you have cryptocuercy in this so call exchange, please try to take it out as soon as possible. All of the above mentioned can be verified if you go to their Telegram group and see the truth.

Hey everyone, my name is Spyridon Spyridonidis or Spyro for short and I am the Managing Director and CEO of hexaclus Single Member Private Company (Reg. No.: 147627019000) a Research & Development company based in the small city of Drama in northern Greece.My company has developed, and is currently managing the H2OX project which was first published on the 15th of October 2018 as announced on the official Waves forum.I have been developing the project since February of that year though.The plan was (and still is) to launch an exchange on H2OX but it is no longer as easy, from a regulatory standpoint, to launch an exchange as it was in early 2018!Especially if a company is liable for it!I can not allocate more company funds and more of my time to the project and that is why it has been progressing very slowly.Now, to the matter at hand:The conveniently anonymous people above, named M V and D B make some very serious accusations without any real proof, of course.Sure, I ban at least 10 accounts per day but not without any reason and I'm obviously the one who gave those two, and many others, a reason to make empty accusations like that.I almost always unban people who think they were unjustly banned or at least transfer any funds they deposited to a new account.No one but me and my company have ever lost anything when about 1000 € worth of tokens were stolen from the projects hot wallet, which I was able to recover within a week!I never called it a hack! It was just a stupid mistake on my side and I paid for it!The H2OX project will continue to be managed by hexaclus and will never just disappear.I will continue to fund the project indefinitely from my own pocket if necessary and in the absolute worst case, I would sell it or even give the project away for free to someone who I trust and think to be an honest person.Please feel free to ask me any questions about myself, my company, or the H2OX project!I'm usually not very active outside of my own community though.TL;DR;People are butthurt and are making false accusations about me and my project which I'm trying to defend against.#ilovecryptodrama