WavesWaves is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencyStarts: Apr 12 2016Ends: May 26 2016Raised: 16,000,000 USDPresale: NAPubsale: 1 waves @ 0.188 USDCountry: CHKYC: YesEMX Trading Contest: Win $20K🏆

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WavesWaves is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencyStarts: Apr 12 2016Ends: May 26 2016Raised: 16,000,000 USDPresale: NAPubsale: 1 waves @ 0.188 USDCountry: CHKYC: YesTrade HBAR on OKEx💎

Neutrino has tons of risks that are described in WP. Basicly it's assosiated with waves that can just die in luquidity. Chances of regulated poloniex going scam is less than one cryptocurrency dying. famiar with this? sounds... risky at the least and they are on waves now. It sounds scammy but Im not sure if it is.

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But you get nothing on r/cryptocurrency, very little on twitter, heck on 4chan biz all you have is that one guy shilling for WAU and actively telling people not to buy WAVES.

Hello and welcome to the BREWS project! Brews is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the waves platform. Our goal is to connect coffee consumers through cryptocurrency while supporting the coffee farmers that grow the delicious beans we all enjoy! Verified Asset Name On Waves.Exchange: BrewsSymbol: BrewsVerified ASSET ID On Waves.Exchange:57xMqmrPBg2uMJVr6KPZwthAWngrTff6MS37gtFFe15RPlatform: WavesMax Supply: 10,000,000,000Decimals: 8Type: Not Reissuable BREWS would like to keep the token allocation as fair as possible while allowing the project to have funds for future roadmap objectives. There is NO PRE-SALE, NO PRIVATE SALE, and NO ICO. The only way to obtain BREWS TOKENS will be via claim form. 70% of the total supply or (7,000,000,000) tokens will be placed in a treasury wallet for this allocation. This will ensure that each investor has the same entry point. Below you will find complete BREWS token allocation.Token Allocation:70%- Will be disbursed via claim form allowing for fair trade15%- Reserved for BREWS team9%- Reserved for BREWS COFFEE private label coffee brand initiativeAddress-3PQMFZRQjRjkHybW8CvoZxAD6PWK6FU1V6C3%- Reserved for our "BREWS Cares for Coffee Farmers" campaignAddress- 3P3Zv4AfV3Fer9Py6Tj6HXTQEdTEQNQnnP92%- Reserved for BREWS burn programAddress- 3P3hienKnKNczjpn2UJSLcp5THT7u8cg8zV1%- Reserved for Waves DAPP/IP development bountiesAddress- 3PETqm9TuXRw9K8kpBYLT29f7hw7nDDav7y————————————————————-Social SitesWebsitebrewscoffee.shopTwitter————————————————————-WalletsWINDOWS————————————————————-Explorer————————————————————-Exchanges
M. E. K.
Which is more trash? Waves or west?

$Waves is a consolidated project, but $West I can't said that, it started out as a different project, but now it looks more like scam, a pump and dump cryptocurrency. Anyway, it's just my opinion.