Dash cracked $1k today. Great for alts.....the psychological milestone has been breeched.

Not real xrp (lots of fake popular tokens as well like DASH, etc)

Anyone notice there is now a gateway for Dash on the Beta. Nice to see them expanding to other cryptos. Perhaps we will get others from the top 10.

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Quantum:The Quantum Node Group [QNG] is a non-ico project group that seeks to build a number of master-nodes to secure blockchain digital-assets networks with focus on WAVES, DASH, PIVX etc. Also we achieve value creation through the passive and portfolio income our users shall be enjoying. Our Project is in 5-phases as it has been made explicit in our Contract-Paper.C-Airdrop Supply: 10,000,000 Qnode (24.3%)Self-Drop Supply: 20,400,000 Qnode (49.5%)QNG-PRS Supply: 800,000 Qnode (1.9%)Developmental Supply: 10,000,000 Qnode (24.3%)[locked for 1 year]MAXIMUM SUPPLY: 41,200,000 Qnode (100%)Note: Developmental supply is reserved for the phase 2, 3... ImplementationASSET DISTIBUTION 2 IS LIVE: CHART: 5VOTE: (REWARD 500 Qnode)[email protected]/qnodeINDONESIA (Indonesia telegram) (Developing & almost completed development...), our twitter ann is suspended, bear with us)QUANTUM NODE [Qnode] is an innovative custom token on the wavesplatform for crypto-currency trading and waves mining.

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Quantum |

What exactly qualifies me for this payments ? I kinda have a hard time understanding the economic s besides I do understand we will be building masternodes using dash pvx on waves tn at least I think I said that right. I like this idea and trying to support as much as possible.

Leo Albert 🔷
You now based on TN? No more on waves?

Still on waves. They creating node on tn, waves pivx, dash among others

And of course I like dash and pic x

Waves is about to overtake Nem, Etc and neo. they will never catch up again. Weak projects. Nem foundation annouced bankrupt, etc lost lot of smart developers. What about dash ? Dash is solid but at 70$ a piece looks expensive and the realworld adoption stalled. Researched about contactless payments.. Last in developments in that sense are from 2016.

DASH $67.480 | 0.01936000฿1h: 0.31% 🙃 24h: -1.12% 😶 Vol: $53,016,076Follow us on Twitter

says they r valued around $13.23 for 5 on your dashboard .. that could fool people

the market place item sold pay by ww?

The WW Marketplace is the place to spend your WW Rewards tokens. We also accept other crypto too: WAVES, BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, ZEC & DASH.Visit:

I also like .. probably the best return overview from all nodes .. great dashboard

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