3. Or Ethereum announcing 500 million dollar to be used to buy back Ethers.

Waves > ethereum easy

toenail clippings > ethereum. thas not a high bar.

Max Globitex exchange
When public ICO Vostok ?

by the way, saw what you said about VST in waves room, VST was sold to an american company - so its not "ethereum in russia" it would seem.

Sammy Sammy
But l love waves and cant help buying more dips

I agree with you, I love waves. Some defame this great project as someone once said that Ethereum was a scam ...

Brief comparison with the best on the market.The advantages do we gain from these technological solutions are important, so here we will discuss how our Docker smart contracts compare with other popular smart contracts.1. Ethereum has a strong community and has dominated for a long period of time as the number one dApp development platform in the public blockchain arena. It has also been modified for private blockchain use (for example Quorum and Masterchain). But Solidity and EVM languages in general, for the sake of execution on a public network, have serious limitations which Vostok Docker contracts do not have.Gas. EVM languages are Turing complete, but in order to be stable in case of an attack, which would paralyse the system by executing infinite calculations, there is a limit to how many operations EVM can perform per contract execution and how complex operations can be. As a result, if we have a complex contract we may get an Out of Gas Error. This is impractical for a private network, because we require that business processes will be completed.Off-chain data. You can put some data in the Ethereum smart contracts, but the storage is quite limited and expensive. You can not, for example, write a contract for example, that requests current prices from an exchange, and uses them for other operations. In other words, you can not create a small web server using Solidity, but you can do it with Vostok – and even with your favourite programming language and framework.2. Hyperledger Fabric is currently the best-known platform for private blockchain solutions, and also brings to the table smart contracts in Docker containers. However, they are limited by the SDK and only available for Go, JS, etc. Developers have to handle a lot of low-level operations like dispatch and argument discovery, making even the simplest ‘hello world’ programme on Go 90 lines of code. This might be impractical for many developers. What’s next?We are constantly working on improving our technology and have already started work on some of the key features we will release in the coming months. To start with, we are working on security enhancements for the current protocol. In the future, smart contracts may require a multi-signature by miners involved in contract execution. We are also enhancing our mining process to support parallel mining of Docker smart contracts and ordinary transactions, along with mining multiple Docker contracts in parallel.

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Yep. Inflation killed Bitcoin and Ethereum

We are excited to announce that we’ve added support for ERC-20 tokens on Waves DEX! Now, our exchange will be filled with new tokens of Ethereum ecosystem, that brings customer service to a new level. Find out more:

no, better with Ethereum, believe me :)

Jimmy Does

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/google ethereum

You probably meant ethereum

if we see between waves and ethereum I prefer a thousand times waves, I just hope people think the same and dethrone ethereum, what do they say?

our project goes to ethereumobviously waves more technologically advanced infrastructure, no ecosystem, no developers

We already decided to move to ethereum

Lucky Henry
Hope to receive grant from ETH?

Consenys and many more support builds on ethereum bud. You got a good idea, you get backed. Without need for token.

Switching to ethereum will solve it by significantly less resources

CryptO Addicted
Poor means poor volume

Waves dex is a waves dex. Its not an ethereum dex with thousands of valued coins. Its waves dex and tokens. Even i struggled to get 1k vol a day

There is approach allowing not to pay fees to blockchain. We will use it to improve ethereum costs

Philipp - Mortys.node
If you already decided to go to switch to ETH why don't you just leave?

"Just leave us" was only reaction to critic before I decided to migrate on ethereum. And such reaction to critic was main reason why i decided to migrate.

I think that sometimes we do not value Waves's true potential, I think it is time to give his help and we would get ethereum and even bitcoin from the luxury stalls

EthereumDate of ATH: 1-13-2018Current Price: $174.33 | 0.02108950 ɃATH Price: $1,448.18 | 0.14749840 Ƀ% from ATH: -87.98%%to ATH: 830.71%Days Since: 647 daysTrade on OKEx📈

How many Developers are using RIDE compared to Solidity? Is RIDE better tech? Why didn't the team spend millions marketing it? Because when Viper is released by Ethereum team, will developers use that or Ride? Is Viper better tech than Ride? We'll see I guess, but it'll certainly be better known.

The Waves World Market place accepts multiple crypto currencies. Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves, Waves World, Zcash, Dash, or Paypal!Visit:
Mr Turtle - blackturtle
So what if people lose trust in usdn? Then same will happen

what if people lose trust in Bitcoin? Ethereum? The reason stable coins work is because they are backed by networks large enough that the odds of them failing are minimal. This is also why certain stablecoins trade at a discount, like SUSD which is the SNX backed stablecoin used on the Synthetix Network.

The Waves World Market place accepts multiple crypto currencies. Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Waves, Waves World, Zcash, Dash, or Paypal!Visit:

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And waves is quite simple compared to let's say... ethereum