Sincerely I don't understand why you don't consider useful a coin that support more than 95% of its value, and can only increase it. And you would continue to buy coins that since January lost 75%-90% of their value.

However ROAR is only the ICO of XPAND and its purpose is to let know the project. You can join ICO or not. The real tokens are XPAND, UBEAR and EBEAR. Please read the announcement on Waves forum the clear some of your doubts. This is not the best place to argue.

Maybe you're right. But I'm tired to put money in projects that are only going deeply down.

All investments have risks

I'm just proposing a new way

Not a copy/paste of all the other projects

And it is ok if it is just your opinion

But I don't think you invest money to lose all

I'm not saying you don't have to gain. I'm here for the same

I'm saying at least we guarantee you can't lose all

It's ok. All projects have to demonstrate they are not scam at beginning

Anyway, it is very important for us to know what are the doubts and perplexities of potential investors. Thanks for your opinion.

Our tokens will be also used as payment method starting from italian physical stores and online global stores.

It is written in the whitepapers and roadmap

5% is nothing compared to the other projects, seriously

Oh god. Guys where do you read fixed price?

You can trade the token at any price vs any other token. We just guarantee the price don't go under 95% of its value

It is a guarantee for you investors. Why are you so hostiles?

Why btc should raise?

What it offers to you? Srs

If people use our tokens, demand will raise the price

You just kill any project and after pretend Waves Platform have success

Because they have fix price. No way to raise. You ask the same things in the faq and i reply the same too. Just because you haven't read anything. I'm really disappointed.

I don't mean you personally but in general.

I'll be happy if a token like this can reach success

So closed minds here... Or whales that fears to lose their market

Is this a community that want to improve or what?

Joshua Vincent
Or even a highlight of your marketing team and what makes them superior to other teams.

We don't pretend to be superior. The Sea has so many fishes and all can live their lives.

You Can support the idea or not, ask question for curiosity, or to interest. Just do it in a respectful way.

Yes haters gonna hate. But if all projects fail, waves platform fails too

I was just promoting my project. Being attacked in that way isn't as ask legitimate questions

Your requests for clarification on any doubts can be of help to other investors, so your pertinent questions are very appreciated , when respectful

But still why should somebody buy a token because they don't want to take risk with investing? I see also further no usecase for the token.

Well we will use this tokens as payment method and to give a bit of stability and security to the marcket. I do my best, you can join or not. It's right that everyone is free to make their own choices