and why rest from market green ecept waves and digibyte?

It seems more and more "real life top reveneu" models are happening haha

Hello everyone! There are people claiming we are doing an ico. This is not true. Please dont send any waves to any address. You can buy TN on waves or tn dex.

They create from twitter to telegram to TN asset,...

I think since its small market

compared to waves it will go up

reason? most never sell the mrt

its really really fresh tho

The owner of FTX also pulled in an ETH project

FTX will also look to list the best waves assets

they also got a second asset, which determines for exchange airdrops and this one is NECH

they are also one of the fastest growing markets in the world for a lot

BlackTurtle is also open for any work within waves community, for any collaboration that helps both etc etc

Joshua Vincent
I fully disagree with that statement. Forks dilute value imo.

I think it depends on who and which market and connections you aim. If you aim on each others porjects yes, if you aim on new projects or from other spaces around the world, no

And many more piramids pop up daily

Lucky Henry 🆖
No I didn't tell him names. But folks there are doing it.

I hope you understand if you dont provide names, I can't do a single thing? Currently you seem more to spread fud then something else. Not a single project, not a single person has ever contacted me. Nobody ever gave a single name or pm'ed me a single complaint.

Lucky Henry 🆖
Hello Mr. Turtle, the dude should be reading all these. That shouldn't bother you.

It does bother me if you make claims against my project and company, you don't back them up with names or prove. It's not only fud, but it's also damaging on purpose. I strongly disagree with this way of acting towards each other. So I ask you to quit with this stuff until the projects or people you are talking about, will be shared with me so we can resolve this issue. Thanks