You are the people who created Web1 and Web2! Now, Web3 is coming and Waves will provide you with the tools to work your magic again! Let’s start the Web3 revolution together!







你在4 月5 月持有WCT 及WAVES 就會有


KYC is critical for blockchain adoption but currently time-consuming and expensive. Waves’ new partnership with Blockpass will enable fast, low-cost KYC for blockchain businesses and dApps developers - without compromising users’ privacy. Tokenised identity will underpin Web 3.0!
Waves is launching a dApps and Web 3.0 programming course, seeking to equip developers to build the functionality that will power the next-generation web. If you’re a frontend developer, webmaster, full-stack web developer, Indie/Games or iOS/Android developer, we’re interested in hearing from you. JavaScript and Node.js familiarity preferred. To find out more or apply, click here:
Waves正在推出dApps和Web 3.0編程課程,旨在讓開發人員能夠構建為下一代Web提供支持的功能。如果您是前端開發人員,網站管理員,全棧Web開發人員,獨立/遊戲或iOS / Android開發人員,我們很樂意聽取您的意見。 JavaScript和Node.js熟悉首選。要了解更多信息或申請,請點擊此處:


Hello Waves community! We have just released the Monthly Digest for April. As you'll know, this is the most important and comprehensive of our regular updates. We've got lots of dev and community news, including the launch of Waves Incubator, the relaunched version of the Waves Community website, and lots of other updates from our Waves team. Check out the video and let us know what you think!
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提醒我們5月17日開始編寫Web 3.0編碼課程!本課程面向有興趣獲得Web 3.0技術實踐知識的開發人員,如區塊鏈,dApps,數字經濟,標記化和分散化。加入課程,成為Web 3.0遊戲的早期玩家!填寫表格以申請:
新一輪的Dice Roller遊戲將於明天中午12點(CET)在testnet上開始!要玩遊戲,您需要在Waves錢包中安裝Waves Keeper和testnet WAVES。 是的,獲獎者將獲得真正的WAVES獎品:300,200和100!加入遊戲:

奖品300200和100 这个是waves代币还是什么

The new Coin Flip game by Tradisys is out on Waves testnet! Help us to test the game and win real mainnet WAVES! 3 winners are determined weekly by the sum of points scored in two games: Coin Flip and Dice Roller. Check out how to play the game and win 300, 200 or 100 real WAVES:
Tradisys的新款Coin Flip遊戲已經出現在Waves測試網上! 幫助我們測試遊戲並贏得真正的主網WAVES!每週通過兩場比賽得分的總和確定3名獲勝者:Coin Flip和Dice Roller。了解如何玩遊戲並贏取300,200或100個真正的WAVES:
我們更新了Waves Labs網站,並添加了一個關於Waves Incubator的新章節!Waves Incubator是一項新的全球計劃,旨在為開發人員提供財務,技術和營銷支持,尤其專注於使用RIDE語言編寫的dApp。了解dApp最有前途的用例並在此處應用:

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领 币了 , 时间有限 ,先来先得
领 币了 , 时间有限 ,先来先得
這是我們的Web 3.0編碼課程的第二個模塊!今天,我們將討論Web 3.0的各個方面,並對Waves區塊鏈進行更詳細的概述。 當然,我們將完成實際的編碼挑戰。尚未報名參加該課程? 讓我們現在就開始做吧: