Waves Labs will distribute 34,500 WAVES to nine projects as the fourth batch of Waves Grants funding! For more details about the winners and the value they bring to the Waves ecosystem see the article: http://amp.gs/OTon
作為第四批Waves Grants資助,Waves Labs將向9個項目分發34,500個WAVES!有關獲獎者及其為Waves生態系統帶來的價值的更多詳情,請參閱文章:http://amp.gs/OTon
Launch your test STO on Tokenomica's STIP Sandbox and get a chance to win up to 500 WAVES! The contest is open for everyone! stip.tokenomica.comThe full guide on launching your STO on STIP Sandbox is available here: https://tokenomica.com/blog/launch-your-test-sto-on-stip-sandbox-step-by-step-guideIf you have any questions, feel free to contact Tokenomica: https://t.me/tokenomicamt
在Tokenomica的STIP Sandbox上啟動測試STO,並有機會贏得多達500個WAVES! 比賽對所有人開放!http://stip.tokenomica.com/有關在STIP Sandbox上啟動STO的完整指南,請點擊此處:https://tokenomica.com/blog/launch-your-test-sto-on-stip-sandbox-step-by-step-guide如果您有任何疑問,請隨時聯繫Tokenomica:tg://resolve?domain=tokenomicamt
Now that the Vostok mainnet is up and running, it's time to shed light on the project's plans for the immediate future! To learn more about Vostok's strategy and roadmap and check out the updated Whitepaper, see this article: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/vostok-rising-65323097c118


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本週,我們將提供Web 3.0編碼課程的最終模塊!我們將介紹區塊鏈oracles,dApps編程的最佳實踐以及dApps與Waves Keeper的交互和集成。在此處詳細了解我們的課程:http://amp.gs/OGcb


With the very long anticipated release of Waves Node 1.0, the Waves ecosystem has all the tools for fully-fledged dApps and Web3 applications! As well as RIDE for dApps on mainnet, this release includes NFTs, the option to pay DEX order fees in assets other than WAVES, an alternative to the REST API and more! All features will be activated one week after 80% of miners vote for the protocol.Find out more details here: http://amp.gs/OhBq
STIP Sandbox is back live! We have updated our STO Contest bringing new prizes for investors and the increased prize fund of 10 000 Waves. Launch, invest and win Waves tokens at stip.tokenomica.comFind out more details about STO Contest in Tokenomica's blog: https://tokenomica.com/blog/stipupdate/If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tokenomica: https://t.me/tokenomicamt




Plus token 崩盘了!

STIP opens the window for everyone to an easier, affordable, and secure way to invest in companies, along with that, investors have a chance to win up to 500 Waves in our STO Contest! Let’s take a look at 5 main reasons to start using STIP for investors 👇https://tokenomica.com/blog/5-reason-to-start-using-stip-for-investors/



【乐天实力工作】 博彩新模式,新平台,(欢迎了解) 手机卡移动联通实名(手机定位四件套)微信解封各种 加人保号 QQ号:6 7 8 9 10 位 微信号 双活跃 单活跃 绑卡老号 实名老号 12-16年 设备号 12-16年 实名设备号 12-16年 带圈号 12-16年 带圈绑卡号 1 2 3 4 年 私人私人私人在用号 1个月 2个月 实名 未实名都有 联系V:letiangongzuosi 联系V:shanshan910828


Waves buyback? Is that ture?

Not yet confirm right?

7月15日至16日,我们将在巴塞罗那举办为期两天的研讨会!欢迎所有开发人员加入并了解Web3.0创新和构建dApp。 参与者将获得Waves的官方完成证书!加入这里:https://bit.ly/2KNXRrf

STIP打开了一扇窗户,让每个人都能以更轻松,更实惠,更安全的方式投资公司,同时,投资者有机会在我们的STO竞赛中赢得多达500波浪! 让我们来看看为投资者开始使用STIP的5个主要原因:https://tokenomica.com/blog/5-reason-to-start-using-stip-for-investors/