Are you sick and tired of blockchain rollbacks while testing new functionality on testnet? Now that we’ve launched the Waves stagenet, this will no longer be an issue! Learn more about our stagenet:
Waves Platform will cooperate with The Abyss to build a blockchain-powered marketplace of tradable goods and in-game items. Find out how users and game developers will benefit from it!
Hey, Waves community! We’ve uploaded a new Monthly Digest, and this time it’s special – we filmed it at the Berlin Blockchain Week. Check out what happened with Waves in August and enjoy the vibe!
Find out more details about the Distributed Treasury and Cash Management (DTCM) service by Waves Enterprise 👇
Hey, Waves Community in Tel Aviv! Up for the party? Join our team at the closing ceremony of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week 2019 and spend your evening having fun and networking! Any better plans for Monday? Use code 'WAVES' to get free entry (50 free tickets only)!
With blockchain technology becoming more adopted by new markets, the demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing! If you're interested in building blockchain-based solutions, this is a must-read for you. The article below explores the core concepts of smart contracts programming and showcases how they're being used👇
Waves team has just come back from Tel Aviv Blockchain Week. Read about this exciting event and Waves’ activities in Tel Aviv:
Travala, the foremost blockchain-based hotel booking platform, now accepts payments in WAVES! Book your accomodation in 230 countries and enjoy exclusive discounts! For bookings made before 7 October, you'll also get 5% cashback in WAVES.

Hey Waves Community! Did you have a chance to read the articles on blockchain development we recently shared? Which one did you like the most? Vote for the most informative one below!anonymous poll✖️❓I didn't read the articles – 5👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 45%🔷🌊Top Projects Surfing on the Waves Platform – 4👍👍👍👍👍👍 36%🔗💻 Modern Blockchain Development: What Should You Know In 2019 ( – 1👍 9%👨‍💻🔝As a Blockchain Developer, you Need to Keep Learning to Stay Ahead of the Game – 1👍 9%👥 11 people voted so far.