​​Yay! Waves Client Beta ver. 1.0.0-beta.35 is out! What’s new in this update: — You can now sort, filter and hide tokens in the Portfolio tab — DASH gateway has been launched — Hindi and Dutch languages support added — You can now invoice other users — Additional minor bugs have been fixed And don’t forget you can always get the latest version of the Client here —> Enjoy!

门罗币 (Monero;XMR) 网关在Waves平台上线! 该网关将会开通Monero接口,让Waves用户可以在Waves区块链生态系统中存款,储存,交易或是提款 Monero. Monero(XMR)网关现已添加到Waves客户端,Monero网关允许任何人在Waves网络中使用隐私加密货币中的佼佼者。 Monero在匿名交易里其中一个最重要的加密货币。 Monero使用环形签名将发件人和收件人身份隐蔽,Monero成功和广泛应用可在当前市值反映出来,其市值高达30亿美元的 - 与其他领先的隐私货币旗鼓相当例如 DASH。