Max Keiser on WAVES: WAVES token up over 80% this week, could this be the ethereum killer everyone is talking about?
"Compared to Ethereum, which people mainly use for Initial Coin Offerings because of its ability to create tokens, Waves is significantly more simple, efficient and cost-effective — for essentially the same service":
Waves is in the process of adding gateways for ERC20 tokens to its ecosystem, which means that Ethereum tokens can be traded on the platform. So we ask YOU to vote on which ERC20 token you want to see integrated first:

We have been receiving lots of questions all throughout 2018 why Waves did not have DAPPS.Of course, we could have integrated Ethereum virtual machine long time ago.But I never felt that it could be the right decision. We need to do better than that and offer new value to the community.Now we have a clear vision of blockchain computation, and it’s starting to take shape in the Waves mainnet.When we release updates to our Ride language in Q1 2019 we’re going to have a versatile tool which will make complicated DAPPS possible.But even now you can do DAPPS on Waves. It’s just going to become easier and more accessible.We want to present you a game, running on Waves. This is the first game which uses our approach to smart contracts. It does not require any gas, and runs on the fastest blockchain in existence.If you find any glitches or something does not seem very smooth please bear with us, this is just a teaser of what’s coming.The game also uses WavesKeeper, a piece of software that will have a whole new meaning in 2019.Hereby I reveal the first game running on Ride smart contracts language. Ride on Waves!

Just open up your waves wallet, locate Etherereum, click receive and Ethereum address will be available for deposit


We are excited to announce that we’ve added support for ERC-20 tokens on Waves DEX! Now, our exchange will be filled with new tokens of Ethereum ecosystem, that brings customer service to a new level. Find out more:

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