Q: DELOITTE - partnership, can you elaborate? A: The cryptocurrency market is relatively young, and not all the regulatory mechanisms are in place. This is why we are glad to have a Deloitte as our strategic partner to create the legal framework for blockchain projects. Deloitte’s experts, who possess extensive legal and tax expertise in implementing technology projects, will provide the necessary consulting and methodology assistance to businesses - ourselves and our partners. ich weiß, ein paar sind beim ICO dabei, zeigt den anderen auch, dass was sie vielleicht versäumen... :)
★ CONGRATULATIONS ★ 🎉 Good News From Waves Platform, Darcrus, Mercury Token For All Members (As Promised). DON'T MISS!!! 🎉 You are one of the 100 lucky active users that get an gift new year. 2 million Waves and Ethereum are awarded for the third Challenge Build Builder. The Gift Waves and Ethereum Limited! Remaining the gift now 30.72327239 Waves and 1.0879675 Ethereum for those of user who are lucky. We close the gift until 28 February 2018. Claim your Gifts here: └► http:// Notice : * Only for Accounts that already have 7 transactions. * the greater the balance, the more bonus you earn. * If not eligible, The invite bonus can't be found Have a nice day after getting a gift from us. Thank you has become part of us! Cheers, Waves Development Join our Waves community Telegram group: #WavesPlatform #WavesGoesNG #Bitcointalk #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Reddit
​​So you want to make money trading crypto. Well, it’s understandable, but here’s the thing: it’s actually not as easy as they make out. And there are various reasons for that:
​​What is blockchain and how does it work? Most of those who are trying to answer this question end up speaking Martian-like language of computing. So we did our best to tell you almost everything about Waves-NG and blockchain using some simple explanations (let your grandma read this post and let us know if it worked):
​​Actually, you can conduct airdrops on any blockchain. But there’s only one that has specifically been designed to support the kinds of transaction volumes that a large airdrop requires:
​​The blockchain/banks relationship is complex and cannot be treated as a matter of one replacing the other. Rather, this is a gradually evolving merger with many different aspects — some of which we consider:
We are thrilled to announce $WAVES will be listed on OKEX, world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume: Crypto is not gonna save anybody from anything, if you have really troubled economy issuing a state crypto will make things even more complicated. Silver bullets work only in vampire movies.
​​Smart Contracts are coming to Waves MainNet in a week, on 10 September! Look at what features they will have and what smart contracts will bring to the Waves Platform users really soon:
Es gibt im Moment eine Android und eine iOS App. Beide heißen waves wallet

Das wird bei mir im google play store eben nicht so angezeigt. Die eine heißt waves::Bitcoin Wallet & Cryptocurrency. Die nutze ich eigentlich schon seit einem Jahr mit 50t downloads und die andere heist waves exchange Platform mit nur 1000 Downloads. Die habe ich heute getestet. Habe dazu auf dem PC Wave Client eine neue leere Wave adresse mit seeds erstellt und übertragen. Also funktionieren beide. die letzte ist aber genau so aufgebaut wie der PC wave Client. Die erste ist zum benutzen zum versenden aber besser geeignet. Mich würde nur interessieren, ob beide offiziell sind.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Ledger. $WAVES and Waves tokens are now fully integrated into the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet:
We are excited to announce a new exchange listing! Bithumb, the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, will list $WAVES token for trading:
Waves pushes into gaming market with $2 million incentives Gaming is a massive use case for crypto, and there are a handful of initiatives that are looking to capitalise on that. Now the Waves platform is positioning to attract gaming developers and businesses as well as actual gamers, even building specific functionality to solve real problems in the industry. read more #WAVES, #BLOCKCHAIN, #CRYPTO, #CRYPTOCURRENCY, #INFERNONEWS
"WAVES Continues To Be the Strongest Performing Cryptocurrency in the Top 50 Over the Past 7 Trading Days":

Some decentralized exchanges (DEXs), if they only match buyers with sellers but do not touch any cryptocurrency (or fiat) during the transaction, would also be exempted from a money transmitter designation.

World Series of Crypto trading contest to launch on Waves DEX Prize money is 5,000 WAVES for the top trader, with a total prize pool of 13,000 WAVES ($30,000). read [email protected]_inferno #WAVES, #BLOCKCHAIN, #CRYPTO, #CRYPTOCURRENCY, #CONTEST
Introducing Neutrino, a new DeFi project that aims to mitigate the volatility of cryptocurrencies. USD-N is a hybrid cryptocurrency-backed and algorithmic stablecoin. The team were supported by Waves Labs incubator and have now launched their working beta. Find out more:
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