A first beta version of WavesFX, a native open-source desktop Waves wallet developed by one of the Waves Labs participants, was released today. Feel free to share your thoughts about WavesFX.https://medium.com/waves-lab/wavesfx-a-preview-6864737b0605
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IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTFollowing disagreement on different points with a customer who intended to cheat freelancers while using Auctionlance, a client is trying to blackmail us.As the deal did not part in good terms, it is in the likely that he will spread some misinformation and fud.We will be seeking to ensure the Auctionlance platform remains a reliable and safe spot to hire and pay professional frelenacers with crypto.Thanks!

We have big plans for Waves DEX, which will be spun off as a separate company and renamed Waves Exchange. All current components - including blockchain, mobile apps, matcher and gateways – will be unified, creating a hybrid product that will combine the best features of centralized solutions with the security of decentralized ones, also adding new services. Read more on our blog: http://amp.gs/qLvW
As we promised last week, 600 million WEST - 60% of all Waves Enterprise System Token supply - were irrevocably locked today. Please check out the address with locked tokens and see the contract script.

Can we talk? (I'm not affiliated with Waves Lab)

Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we're running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city! All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.Learn more details and book tickets here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshop-implementing-web30-dapp-architectures-with-waves-tickets-72368188199
Waves Enterprise v.1.0 sees a number of key improvements. These include measures to increase security to the levels required by enterprises, containerized smart contracts, greater speed, stability and throughput, an updated API and a better UI. Additionally, the total supply of WEST tokens has now been reduced from 1 billion to 400 million.
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Hi, gentlemen, have any of you already run an advertising campaign in Korea and India? We are looking for good channels. We shot the material about Smartkey in Korean and Indian versions.

Nolik has just upgraded to 0.8 version of CDM protocol but there are some issues with messages of 0.7 version. Working to solve this problem as fast as possible.