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Any update we can expect from Labs sometime soon?

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Here is another video that explains Waves Smart Assets and teaches you how to create your own Smart Asset from scratchWatch video:

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Are you in the waves dev telegram or on the forum? I was told those are better places to reach out devs and the team 😉

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Hello, I want to create a crypto. It will be used for personal things. And it will be for teenagers. I will create an app, for people to pay with the currency. If someone's wants to help, said to me and I will give you a percentage of the company.
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Hello there, I hope you're doing well. I was wondering how I can reach the labs team to submit a grant application ? Thanks !

Hi @kardanovir , how are you? We are a crypto labs based in Sydney, and would like to know more about Waves grants, what categories your grants are aiming for? Thanks

Thanks, we are building a crypto mobile wallet, would that be of interests?

It is a multi coin wallet based on trust wallet core, so it potentially targets almost all mainstream crypto users. We are trying to build some differentiator features such as instant messaging and fiat.

Inal Kardanov
What is it?

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It depends on the data provider, in your case - chain warrior

Dear KardanovI sent a private message can you look