Another question .. we have send our Info to betterstoken for verify the asset but we have not get any response ... is still open bettertokens project or is closed ?

If some one is interested i will let here our new pitch

220 user in near 2 month from when we open the platfom, but many of them are not normal user are professional athletes with many followers and engagement. We are more focus on quality user then mass user at this moment, for sure with the release of the token the engagement with fans and crypto users will grow

That’s good, could you tell a bit more about them

How you attract them?

We have athletes worlds champions and others wth podiums in world champions , some other competing for them national team, fuw boxe national s champs ,,, one guy from glory kickboxing ( the big event in kickboxing in the world ) racers from F200 euro and usa F200 and kart champs ... there is many of them ,,, some of them have 130k followers on face .. other 30 k on instagram etc

I mean how you find them?

this is the last one we are finish his presentation

they coming on contact with me on linkedin or i get in touch with them

and with the marketing in our socials ,,,, now they share our info in them socials so other athletes come and want to join too

they will get more motivated to call fans with the crypto rewards system

linkedin is very good tools for engage athletes and clubs .. next week i will have a meeting with some people form the Benfica FC interested in our custom products for clubs ... we are starting now to contact some big clubs too

CEO Waves, Sasha about DeFi projects.- warns,- explains,- shows risks and opportunities.
Everyone counts on big profits from "DeFi" projects.New financial solutions, new opportunities :)Profit guarantees DEMAND for DeFi services and a return guarantee (security).The artist presents business models in a few sentences.

I wanted to ask if you have an open grants program

My team and I want to develop a protocol that connects waves to BTC and ETH via hash time locked contracts

Join gravity protocol development

Are there any plans to make the process for getting a logo on the dex easier? The process is quite absurd right now with

Adoption before the product is even out 😆 Looking good after sign in the contract is pleased to announce the start of a partnership with the UK firm Panxora venture capital for the sale of our SCOneX token and fund raising. You can learn more about Panxora group at this link #buildonWaves #SCOneXgamechangers

Does anyone know the owner/developer of TokenGUI?

For all the token creators here, get some more attention with lots of users on