In what sense Samsamt? (I personally don't know anything of them)

They were helped by waves lab back in the day but have been kinda inactive on social media it's been 1 year I invested in their ico and I have no news from them. I was wondering if someone from waves lab had contact with them, their ceo ish is Alex kosolov.

Eu gostaria de saber como recuperar minha conta na empresa.

I would like to know how I recover my account at the company.

Agree! the article in english would be awesome too :D

Short article about Hyperbox, first formal verification system for Waves contracts is ready: is free and open-source tool)

Nice to see that my article about formal verification (Hyperbox) become viral and was retwitted many times, for example on this twitter with 50k subscribers:
Here is the demo of our upcoming Web Service to be released this week and allowing any waves token project to have a dedicated and customized web-wallet powered on Waves Keeper. Any feedback welcome :)

I see a comment that you need more developers- we HANDED you a project and said that we need NO FUNDING, just help with awareness, etc.. and we were DECLINED. The support online for our project is amazing and we were even contacted by another exchange asking if we would come to them. You guys need to SERIOUSLY re-consider what types of projects you are looking for. Perhaps you were not impressed by the fact that we didn't propose to build The Death Star and our project is only steeped in massive real-world-use and development of programs we proporsed that were needed rather than over-the-top dream codings. Toyken has been shared PLENTY online and we have now put the project on hold as we were made aware of some more devastatingly bad choices and decisions Waves DEX has made, like Better Tokens. It is too bad that we chose to support your platform and it was not reciprocated. We no longer choose you, so I STRONGLY suggest you do better to work with those that chooes you in the future. Sincerely, Jeremy Buse, B.A. Toys Founder

Consider yourself lucky... My proposal didn't even get evaluated so far.

But yeah, in general I agree: if you look for devs, maybe support at least that are there already. As in my case from day 1 of the ico...

Heres the summary page. The white paper is 4o+ pages long, perhaps no one wanted to read it because it wasn't tech jargon. We are an established USA Toy retailer.

And we were shot down! RATaTAT-TAT-TAT

And only because I'm proud of it, here is our TEAM Toyken page that has been shared OVER 3900 TIMES>

Utility Token yes.. it was specifically written that way because to have a 100% utility token you need not declare it, it should simply function in such manner, PER SEC :)

We have other projects planned, the utility token is the firs step. So, although I can see your concern, I found it concerning that we were simply denied when some other very large players, that I will not mention, are all for it. I jsut wnated to point out that perhaps helping projects will not be as easy as Waves hopes- you might actually have to HELP them.

Understood- then they should be infinitely more clear in that respect about who should apply- I think we did just fine to get to the point we are at without a "formal" tech team.. that was coming next under my direction. Perhaps they need to widen the scope of what they are willing to support. If they don't, I do not believe they will find enough projects ever. It's almost like they are trying to only cherry pick the best and most profitable- I had oracles and all kinds of shit planned, but I guess I'll be taking it all elsewhere. They are free to choose as they wish, just like I was free in the end to make my decision. I guess maybe we both learned something, and then again, maybe not. lol..

I'll be done soon, but that is a VERY interesting point that you raised- if they don't want to support an ICO, that's fine, but they ONLY want to support devs? They NEED TO SUPPORT THE VISION FIRST- if devs had all the answers this conversation wouldn't be needed!!?!

I applied for the program, and I’m not making excuses: I am building my product first, showing I can actually build on waves. I don’t need much technical or financial help at this stage. If waveslab want to help scaling later on, fine. But I want to show I deserve their attetion first, with a working product

Still, projects might have different goals with their application. In my case I would, e.g., like to discuss directions...

How i see it as well even if i would definitly give attention for @hawky_WavesGo as he help a lot on discord dev channel.

Those are different things. Luckily I have enough projects to work in so that I can wait for waveslab to finally evaluate my proposal.

Well, im sure they will

I am fully support latest direction of waveslab. They want devs and real open source work to make the ecosystem more powerful. Supporting ICO'S was a mistake and should not be consider again. Waves an open source Blockchain everyone can work on it or run a business. I didn't see such a support for ICO's on other Blockchain projects. They mostly work with talented developers to improve the ecosystem and fix the bugs.

I would like to see many developer just trying to improve the ecosystem with open source codes. Just like other big open source projects.

There are many things need to be focused on. One team can not handle with all of this.

Ali Kara
So, what is your idea?

I've published a tweet with a video of my prototype a few months ago...

I saw that, good work. I was working on simple triangular arbitrage bot on dex. But don't have time to focus on. Unfortunately I am not a Dev but trying to learn some cool stuff. Maybe I can consider to switch my focus to the more related jobs (economy and some programming)

Lately was looking to the Django framework, maybe I can do some visualizing with graphs.

Yeah, I plan for a simple ARB bot also, but haven't had the time so far...

Actually I remember my bot was working good which I just changed some codes on Peter blacks grid trading bots 😂

A -B - C coins and 3 market with each other. One of them a base market to calculate the difference or arbitrage opportunity. So it is kind of market making. But I should add some more codes to make it run as a market maker for non liquid markets. Like copy pasting an order from a liquid market to another with a little profit rate.

Then returning to the base token on base market without lose

Conclusion, there are many good things can be done , different ideas. We need more open source products to participate from different levels and skills. Keep attract developers to the waves.

No, I disagree. Waves is looking for people to do work for them FOR FREE and build their ecostystem FOR FREE. If they had that much demand for their services, LIKE I HAVE SAID BEFORE, they would just hire developers and we could pay them to handle the back-end of our projects. Yet they will not- it speaks volumes as to where the issues lie.