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Waves Grants recipients have been successfully using the grants to develop promising solutions. By now, they have quite a lot to share. Check out their latest news and updates!

Hello. We didn't get any respond for our grants application called "Waves.Rec." it is been a month, maybe more. does that mean it is rejected

We created a demo website for it in last 3 weeks. We would like to add it to our application if it is possible.

"You require an invitation link to join us." just created a request. this was our waves grant application

it includes wage for possible extra developers, servers / cloud server / mail server. professional artworks, live support, better theme etc. might even cost more when service is finished. most of that fund will go for getting legal documents for agent / adress / tax plates / licenses / company / distribution rights / and marketing

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I simplify some add on function coin.

someone can testing ...

I thing it's demo for payment on waves, and to do completely with waves.

we will start with integrating waveskeeper with our login

can we ask help from you guys if we stuck somewhere

Eugene Zaykov
👋🏼1.This is the Waves Labs grants distribution commission, department of decentralization ;)It consists of representatives of R&D, Developer Relations, Integration, Marketing, Community, Product departments as well as Waves Labs2.ETA is September 23-27 week

Hi Eugene,The ETA (23-27 Sept week) you gave to get back to us is already passed and we still don't know the status of our proposal 'SmartDEX'. Let us know if you really will get back or not because it is only resulting in time and resource [email protected] the current state and waves amount last night. waiting for review of team

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Hello ,Waves Token Which Wallet Support ?Like - im token , trust wallet, Exodus

Only Wave's Platform ?Means i am Not store my token Any Another Wallet ?