Hi Waves Lab Team ... the first Big NEWS is we just sign a contract to join our Sportcash One Team with a 2 Time Olympian Brenda Reilly in the sale and Parnership area

The second is WE ARE ON ! Now you can enter and register in our Social Sport network ... Enjoy

New Music fucntion

Does west is part of waves ecosystem

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I dont no...I try for my like

Thank you Waves , make my dream come true..

let' s go on waves...

Very good for subdomain or coin like this
Last Knight
Does west is part of waves ecosystem
The $WEST token is a system token of the Waves Enterprise platform. I strongly recommended you to learn all the information regarding the Waves Enteprise by using these links:1. – main site2. – documentation3. – client4. – support

if I need like this,it may be ?

How to ? and how much?

You need your owm token?

I try to – Thank you.

Thank you Julia,wellcome to THAILAND.

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Please follow this instruction. Token creation costs 1 Waves.

Or it is just using waves platform??

And does there were airdrop for waves holders??

West is a system token of the Waves Enterprise platform. Waves Enterprise is a part of Waves ecosystem. Airdrop was at the end of May

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We are glad to see the most diverse projects in our ecosystem: both small startups and quite large operating businesses. To demonstrate the diversity of the projects we present a brief overview of some of them.

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NotificationsFEBRUARY 4Waves Signer Provider updated to 0.1.2!19:02In this release:Full Safari support. We love iOS and MacOS users!Now you are able to sign text messages with Signer.Ability to chose sponsored tokens as a fee added.Transaction details screen improvements.General bug fixes.In the upcoming release we plan to support all transaction types :)

Today is a great plus one news day. Brendan Railly a double Olympian and is joining our team !Brendan will work as a Partnerships Development at Sportcash One. Welcome in the Team Sportcash One !!

I need full URL for sample

Why all the hate for WAVES lol

Haters know only one thing.. Hate :)

For FRENCH Developers, new vidéo on our Waves Dev France Youtube channel

filled out the Waves Labs grant application form for a game, please reach out to me if there are any questions about our application!