Tokenomica — the first all-in-one platform for automated issuance, offering and trading of tokenized assets — has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign! During the PreSale, the platform is going to offer 1% of tokenized equity to raise 30 BTC with the minimum investment amount of 0.01 BTC. The offered instrument is the actual equity issued in full compliance with security regulations on Waves blockchain.
Here’s how we plan to develop the Waves ecosystem, with a network of interconnected public and private Waves chains, and links to external blockchains. Sharding and interoperability will ensure a high degree of scalability, facilitating widespread use, and we’ll be including specific Service chains to provide oracle data and other required functionality – all secured on the main Waves chain.Find out more here:
Coming to San Francisco Blockchain Week? Interested to know more about DeFi trends? Join our meetup with a panel discussion on the future of DeFi and its implications. At the end, we'll have a Q&A and a networking session. Tomorrow, 5 PM, see you there!
Hi. Still no trading, no offer ... on waves cap. SmartKey token.Thank you for helping Evgeny, Lenn art!
We have big plans for Waves DEX, which will be spun off as a separate company and renamed Waves Exchange. All current components - including blockchain, mobile apps, matcher and gateways – will be unified, creating a hybrid product that will combine the best features of centralized solutions with the security of decentralized ones, also adding new services. Read more on our blog:
Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we're running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city! All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.Learn more details and book tickets here:
Private blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Exonum, Corda and others take different approaches to managing private data flow. We explore some of the different options on the market, before explaining how Waves Enterprise goes about addressing this issue - and why we have taken those decisions.
Hello guys. I’m proud to announce that we get new partnership. That’s mean Waves community will be able use this devices soon. We are finishing integration process to Waves.
At Waves Community Meetup in Berlin on December 11, we presented a new solution that will enable communication between any existing blockchains and dApps. Learn how Gravity Hub can resolve the issues of interoperability and obtaining real-world data: