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IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENTFollowing disagreement on different points with a customer who intended to cheat freelancers while using Auctionlance, a client is trying to blackmail us.As the deal did not part in good terms, it is in the likely that he will spread some misinformation and fud.We will be seeking to ensure the Auctionlance platform remains a reliable and safe spot to hire and pay professional frelenacers with crypto.Thanks!

Sasha Ivanov speaking to CoinDesk on developing Waves Enterprise brand and how it can succeed abroad.
Introducing Neutrino, a new DeFi project that aims to mitigate the volatility of cryptocurrencies. USD-N is a hybrid cryptocurrency-backed and algorithmic stablecoin. The team were supported by Waves Labs incubator and have now launched their working beta. Find out more:

Friends please check out our app that provides intrinsic value analysis of Cryptos @ rdaindex dot com.Users can subscribe to the data only via a Waves-based token and we've built a limited integration for now. We have big plans to scale this out.

DEXs might face tough times, but hybrid exchanges won't.
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