Hi, Guys! We are now at pre-sale stage of our project and looking for support from Waves community. Here is some information of what we are doing and where we are going: Inserviss/Setcoin Explainer Video Setcoin Liquidity at Waves DEX After ICO Setcoin Switzerland partners PWC, MME Role of Advisors in Setcoin team Inserviss facilities personal learning transformation Setcoin Is Targeting 1.843 Billion People Around The Globe How Setcoin will reshape the future for Service Providers and Customers Setcoin interview with CEO Setcoin press-release Setcoin cryptocurrency supported by LDJCapital Setcoin is alternative DIgital currency Setcoin News - 8 Latest Progress Report on Setcoin Cryptocurrency Inserviss is working with Adam Atlas on Setcoin Regulatory Solutions in the USA SETCOIN SALE WEBSITE: ONE PAGER CHINESE ONE PAGER JAPANESE ONE PAGER JAPANESE WHITEPAPER GERMAN ONE PAGER WHITEPAPER GUIDE HOW TO BUY SETCOIN JAPANESE TG COMMUNITY TELEGRAM SETCOIN BOUNTY CAMPAIGN BITCOIN TALK TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN MEDIUM If you are interesting at collaboration opportunity please, reply me direct Telegram: Email: [email protected] Skype: perepelychnyy Tel/WhatsApp +380667179688 CEO/Founder Inserviss & Setcoin GROUP Igor Perepelychnyy
Rewards schemes are a huge use case for blockchain tech — but the definition of a loyalty currency might be wider than you think, it opens the way to entirely new economic models

Hi admins. I need an advice. What is better to create a cryptocurrency. Backed by a Foundation, Association, or Corporation ?

​​Oh yeah! Sasha Ivanov comes to Bad Crypto Podcast to talk about Waves Platform, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and some other interesting crypto things. Listen to the episode here —>
​​Decentralized Applications, or DApps, is a great tool set that can be scaled and applied to any phenomenon. Actually, almost everything can be a DApp. Here’s what we think about it —>
​​Blockchain doesn't perform miracles or provide you with cheat codes to hack the realities of doing business. But it can make investing and doing business more efficient. The question is who uses these tools, and how:
​​What is blockchain and how does it work? Most of those who are trying to answer this question end up speaking Martian-like language of computing. So we did our best to tell you almost everything about Waves-NG and blockchain using some simple explanations (let your grandma read this post and let us know if it worked):
​​The first iteration of Waves' Smart Contracts will be a non-Turing complete implementation that will make advanced business logic available but without the vulnerabilities of fully Turing complete contracts. It will be focused on account controls, making Waves more secure, powerful and flexible. So, this is what you will be possible to carry out with Waves’ smart accounts:
It's described good inside an article, it will be possible to create smart contracts inside Waves client
​​It finally happened: Waves smart contracts were released into the wild! Tomorrow, May 4, around 1 pm UTC, the activation will happen, and you’ll be able to give 'em a try on testnet —>
Atomic swaps that would make waves dex have so many more pairs. It is a proposed feature in cryptocurrencies, that allows for the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency without the need for a trusted third party. In traditional cryptocurrencies a trusted third party such as an cryptocurrency exchange is necessary to perform a swap of cryptocurrencies in order to prevent one party from sending a currency without receiving a currency in return. details on blog
​​Data Transactions are currently being tested on the Waves’ testnet. Soon it will be possible for anyone to post data in different formats to the Waves blockchain:
Holdvest 😅
😁 👌 Every project will say the same) But we are always opened. One of the ptojects, MANNA, they don't complain, but hard work, trying and get new publications, create a story and share with us. For example Balaji is now the CTO of Coinbase said this: or In a nutshell, Manna participants wishing to receive fiat or cryptocurrency simply have to request money via a mobile app. because of this we had included them in the article, and still considering. There's some dialogue. So, guys #channel you can always share your important milestones, news here, or by pm me or Julia, or e-mail. Thanks to it we can learn more about your project and even maybe offer some kind of cooperation. By the way, Orkun from Gamex has done a good report for 2 month work, that gives them points definitely. But also, we in Waves Lab can't post every single news from every applied project, because we have a responsibility to Waves community, to push only projects, that worth to be noticed and invested.
 “Honest Coinmarketcap” Claims to Provide Accurate Cryptocurrency Data In the last 24 hours, $7 billion worth of bitcoin BTC was traded globally. That’s according to data provided by Coinmarketcap, the industry’s go-to aggregator of cryptocurrency data. Not everyone… Read More
Dear Members, here is all basic info about Waves Platform. ❗️Alert! Phishing attempts are rampant!❗️ -Do NOT disclose your SEED phrase to ANYONE! -We do NOT give out our tokens for free! Don’t trust anyone who says otherwise. There's always free cheese in the mouse traps, but the mice there ain't happy. -Do not send tokens to anyone you do not know, even if it looks like admin. Please, check the real admins of the group, they'll have "admin" tag after their names. Thank you and be aware! Waves Summer Roadshow: Join Waves Platform CEO & Founder Sasha Ivanov at "The big blockchain race for commercialisation" event on the 6th of June. Don't miss it, register now: Local community meetups: Barcelona, We have an interesting event for you! Waves BCN is excited to invite start-up owners, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts to our exclusive event! Our Waves Consul/Local Ambassador, Emily de Dios will host the event and introduce the Waves Platform and its new features. Learn more by visiting this link: Here you will find information about future events: What is Waves Platform Waves is an open-source blockchain platform developed, marketed, and operated by Waves Platform AG,that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens. Whilst other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded on external exchanges, and Ethereum allows users to create new tokens on the platform using a smart contract, Waves includes this functionality in its core software and wallet. Users can create, transfer and exchange blockchain tokens on a peer-to-peer basis, paying transaction fees in the native WAVES token. It’s easy to start use Waves Platform technology. Choose which client you prefer and let’s Waves! Rules and Guides • Any type of disrespectful, abuseful, violent or threatful behavior will not be tolerated. Be respectful to each other and other people’s opinion. • Do not post any explicit, sexual, violent or illegal content. Impersonation of moderation team members is not allowed. • Advertising is not allowed, including referral and invitation links. • Restrain from sharing any private information about yourself in case you consider it can be harmful to you in any way, including potential hacker/scam attempts. • Please, report to moderator immediately in case anyone messages you asking to send them money or seed. Any requests of such kind will not be tolerated. • Waves Platform admins will be the judges and enforcers of these rules. They have full authority and support from Waves Platfrom to kick or ban anyone as they see fit. Usefull links: Offical site Waves Community Hub Support requests Waves Wiki Blog GitHub Twitter Facebook Reddit Web client: Desktop application: Android app: Apple Store: Official Waves telegram channels: Sasha’s Ivanov channel Announcements channel Global chat Russian chat Chinese chat

Waves World Airdrop Payment #24 has been Paid!! 172 payments found! 5.24129999 Waves paid! 340 of Miner Reward Token paid! 7,692,057 Waves World paid! Lease Waves Earn Rewards. #Hodl #Waves #WavesPlatform #Blockchain #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Fintech

The Turkish president is currently under power transition from a democratically elected president in a parliamentary system to a life president a.k.a. Monarch. Currently as I'm writing, he controls everything including legal, police, military, presidential system. He has previously banned the use of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Currently, Wikipedia and PayPal has been banned for years. He wiretapes everything to hide his corruption. Bottom line: If he sees that the decentralization system of a currency might reduce his power or block him from doing something, then cryptocurrency is in jeopardy. Now you tell me where the vision is for this dijilira.

Its a new business model for asset backed Cryptocurrency on the waves platform. Unlike digix doa, we actually have an actual gold mine. Already producing gold, whereas we just found over 6.2 billion in gold underground

​​Our friends from Waves Lab did a huge job and rolled out an amazing step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs planning to raise cryptocurrency to fund their project. If you want to know how to organise alternative investment through an ICO, then this is where you should look:
Top VCs (Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz) include token sale scheme in their funding approaches. "Both firms have invested in cryptocurrency hedge funds as equity investors (Polychain Capital) and as limited partners (MetaStable). Andreessen is also reportedly preparing to launch a dedicated cryptoasset fund. Additionally, companies in both firms’ portfolios have held — or plan to hold — token sales"." and another 7 trends shaping the future of blockchain from Cbinsights 🤐

Mehmed Mehmedov 🌐: Lets Say , You own a app in your Phone . Allow you to spend your CryptoGainz everywhere in the world With NFC Payment and insand exchange on It . And have a Loyality Program For Spending and Holding General Token . What you gona think About it Is this is what we need for Spread CryptoCurrency Around us .?

​​On September 21, COO Waves Lab Vitaliy Tsigulev will take part in the training program for lawyers "Legal basis and legal practices in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects" and will talk about the latest blockchain trends and ICO to STO transformation. Details and registration:
Lucky Henry 🆖
Aside that, I think most times, country affects a project

According to recent polls conducted (I will find it somewhere) the majority of cryptocurrency scams come from the middle East and Africa. Therfor waves would avoid like a fire to the face.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is still just a noise in Africa and the middle east

The first world imposed shitty sanctions on these countries and where do you think they'd have the resources to the get involved in cryptocurrency?

"The patent also notes that transaction latency could be eliminated by having user funds custodied by the payment network itself, allowing Square to simply update its internal ledger rather than writing any transactions to the blockchain." - same as Paytomat operates. But "However, Square already has tremendous market penetration, so adding cryptocurrency payments to its present POS system would allow millions of merchants to accept bitcoin without having to onboard to another payment processor or manually convert cryptocurrency funds into fiat." interesting to know, how tremendous it really is, and this could be real privilege. In any way, the market is so big and fastgrowing, that everybody will have their influence space accompanied with profit

​​Smart Contracts are coming to Waves MainNet in a week, on 10 September! Look at what features they will have and what smart contracts will bring to the Waves Platform users really soon:
Informative article about Waves smart contracts development "Smart Assets If we plan to apply constraints on all operations for a specific asset, we cannot use a smart account. In our paradigm, we have smart assets for this purpose: the script will be attached to the asset and will work in a similar way. Transactions for such assets are valid only if the script returns True. For example, a script can verify proofs from a transaction, check if a notary/escrow approves the transaction, and that operations with the asset aren't locked for a specified time. The script for the token is invoked upon the following operations with an asset: TransferTransaction MassTransferTransaction ReissueTransaction BurnTransaction" Another one example of smart asset Waves Development Update — August, including Upcoming Node release: "The major feature for release 0.14 is Smart Accounts (phase one). This functionality is already complete. We have published the release candidate build and are now testing it on TestNet. We expect final release by the end of August or in September. Smart Accounts allow users to apply a script to an account to control all outgoing transactions. Such accounts can be used in multiple scenarios, including complex multi-sig wallets, 2FA, escrow, oracles, etc. Moreover they allow the implementation of more complex applications using a verifiable state transition approach, which will be described later. In phase one (next release) Smart accounts are partially supported, including every transaction type except Exchange Transaction. Support for exchange transactions will be implemented in the following release, in around two months. This means that during the first phase, smart accounts functionality (for example multi-sig and 2FA accounts), will apply to everything except for trading on DEX."
The smart contracts functionality is realeased on the Waves mainnet. 'This release paves the way for the widespread adoption of the Waves blockchain, while preserving the original spirit of Waves: simplicity and accessibility. It enables developers to build blockchain-based applications, which is a huge step towards truly mass adoption of the technology,' explains Ilya Smagin, Head of Development for Waves smart contracts.

@RainerTim Would also like to see you contribute some content to the Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club

The members of Congress sent the letter to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton to clarify an approach on a classification of digital assets. The main question is "Do you agree that a token originally sold in an investment contract can, nonetheless, be a non-security as Mr. Hinman stated?" The news on CNBS: The original letter:
Meanwhile on the market. Have a good read ☕️ Fundraising VC Investment in Blockchain Startups Is Up 280% So Far This Year Skale Labs raises $9.65 million for better blockchain infrastructure. The funding round for the San Francisco-based decentralized app (dApp) startup was led by Multicoin Capital. Other investors include Aspect Ventures, Blockchange Ventures, Boost.VC, Canaan Venture Partners, Galaxy Digital, Floodgate Fund, Hack.VC, Neo Global Capital, and Signia Venture Partners. $8 billion valuation of Coinbase Medici Ventures, the blockchain accelerator and subsidiary of, has made a seven-figure investment in blockchain startup VinX Israel-based VinX is developing a supply chain platform for trading wine futures, which allow connoisseurs and collectors to purchase a vintage while it's still in the barrel, a year or two before it's bottled and released on the market. Korea Investment Partners (KIP), the largest venture capital firm in South Korea, is investing in its first blockchain startup. Temco, a blockchain-based startup that aims to revolutionize supply chain management systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) using blockchain technology. Vendors can track the movements of products from distribution to eventual consumption on a blockchain, and then share the data as well. DrumG Technologies raises $6.5mm Series A from ConsenSys AG to build next generation enterprise blockchain-based business networks for global financial services Decentralized global content ecosystem, Contentos, has been catching the attention of major industry players, receiving a multi-million dollar investment from Binance Labs. STO Crowdfunding site Indiegogo lets firms issue new cryptocurrencies classed as securities Security Token Platform Neufund Partners with on Secondary Transactions The guide from Dilendorf and Khurdayan about launching a STO What is A Security Token Offering (STO)? What People Are Saying About Security Tokens The nature of security token offering For interest Deloitte: Blockchain and the five vectors of progress What Will Bitcoin Look Like in Twenty Years?
Fundraising, deals, noticeable blockchain projects and a couple of researches for consideration at the moment. 🔎 Fundraising and deals Elevated Returns gets $18 million for St. Regis Aspen Resort ‘tokenized real estate’ First exit of Starta Accelerator. Congratulations to our friends! Dragonfly Capital Partners has raised $100 million for its inaugural fund to invest in cryptocurrency startups. Clearmatics has completed a $12 million Series A funding round from Route 66 Ventures to help build modern financial market infrastructure Additional investment in the funding round came from private equity firm TNF Capital and XTX Ventures, the venture capital arm of electronic market-making firm XTX Markets. Blockchain startup Oasis Labs has teamed up with some notable venture capital firms and hedge funds to launch a new technology startup program. Announced Tuesday, the Oasis Startup Hub will focus on aiding firms building "privacy-first computing on blockchain" platforms, according to a press release. Accel, a16z crypto, Binance Labs, Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital will all provide support for the program. Circle to Buy SeedInvest to Help Startups Raise Cash With Crypto Projects PwC collaborates with Cred to set up a UP Alliance and new USD Stablecoin BlueOcean Ventures ll announced the launch of SwissVCToken, a security token offering (STO) platform dedicated to the sale of its BOV Token. With what it claims is the first tokenized VC fund for medical technology, the firm is focused on investing in medical device and life science startups — fields it believes can benefit from blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers, and cryptocurrencies. IBM Launches Food Trust Blockchain For Commercial Use Forbes Becomes First Major Media Brand to Experiment with Publishing on Civil Platform Research CNBC unveils its annual list of 100 promising start-ups to watch Waves Lab selected three blockchain projects from the list: 1. PayStand's mission is to use modern Internet, Blockchain, and SaaS technologies to transform B2B payments. PayStand's revolutionary "Payments as a Service" model creates a smart billing & payment network that can digitize receivables, automate processing, reduce time-to-cash, lower transaction costs, and enable new revenue. Based out from Scotts Valley, California, since 2013.
Market Meanwhile Weekly Research from Waves Lab ☕️ Fundraising The Y Combinator-backed, which started out as a portfolio & tax manager for cryptocurrency investors, and now has published aggregated data across its 50,000 connected crypto exchange accounts and $300 million worth of tracked cryptoassets. The company recently raised $1.5 million. CoinTracker has also previously raised $1.5 million led by Initialized Capital, which was the first seed investor in Coinbase, and other investors including Juan Benet, CEO of Protocol Labs. Other investors include Kindred Ventures, Signature Fund, Ryan Shea (cofounder, Blockstack), Zach Peret (cofounder and CEO, Plaid), William Hockey (cofounder and CTO, Plaid), and Brenden Mulligan (cofounder, LaunchKit), and a few others. This is in addition to Y Combinator. Dragonfly Capital Partners has raised $100 million for its inaugural fund to invest in cryptocurrency startups. The fund’s founding team is led by managing partners Alexander Pack, a young cryptocurrency venture capitalist who previously managed crypto and fund investing for Bain Capital Ventures, and Bo Feng, a venture capital veteran with more than 20 years of experience and founding partner of Ceyuan Ventures. Blockchain projects partnerships and milestones Qtum Blockchain Becomes Amazon Web Services Partner in China Coinbase expands its European presence beyond the UK as Brexit looms Sony Corporation, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and Sony Global Education announced the development of a rights management system for digital content that utilizes blockchain technology*1. This new system is based on Sony and Sony Global Education’s previously developed system for authenticating, sharing, and rights management of educational data, and additionally features functionality for processing rights-related information. Top heads moves Steve Wozniak, technology innovator and co-founder of Apple, has been announced as co-founder of EQUI Global, a company dedicated to the disruption of the venture capital industry. Built on a blockchain-powered backend, EQUI Global is a venture capital fund focusing on technology. It is designed to disrupt the traditional nature of the industry by allowing non-institutional investments, and by enabling investors to trade their investments on external cryptocurrency exchanges in the form of EquiTokens. Former White House economic advisor Gary Cohn is finally unveiling his next career move: blockchain. Cohn, who left the Trump administration in March, will join start-up Spring Labs as an advisor, the company announced in a press release. The firm uses blockchain technology to share credit data between banks. Adam White, who helped build Coinbase into a crypto-colossus with 25 million customers, is joining Bakkt, the venture launched in August by a consortium led by Intercontinental Exchange (market cap: $42 billion), parent of the New York Stock Exchange, as chief operating officer. Bakkt, with its deep ties to Wall Street’s institutional investing titans, is pitching itself as the venture with an inside track at bringing Bitcoin mutual funds and ETFs to America’s 401(k)s. Assets management

Hello, I'm Rob Hiran, I'm looking for angel, investors and partners for a project we have developed. Our initial focus is PoS/MPOs machines and a marketplace similar to Deliveroo/Postmates. We will launch our cryptocurrency based in Waves in December/January we will use it on both platforms as cashback and bonus for those who hold. We're looking to sell 10% of the equity. Anyone interested please contact me.

We are one step away from Waves Blockchain based cryptocurrency payment gateway!

Hello!I develop my service for managing cryptocurrency portfolios - befolio.orgTo implement some functions, I need to integrate the blockchain platform (more specifically, to resolve the issue of trust for signals from traders)Can I participate in the incubator program?

We are building a cryptocurrency fundamental index ("Real Digital Asset Index - rdaindex dot com) which will use the RDAi token for subscription. The RDAi token is a tokenisation of the ecosystem so it will also be used as a "gold" standard to determine the value of all other tokens.

👏 Hello❗️👍 The good news in the world cryptocurrency❗️🚀 Binance announced launching a margin trading service🚀 In honor of this, Binance team opened AIRDROP 🚀🚀🚀 Anyone can take part and get prize ❗️🚀 Hurry up to take part✅ Information in our Website -✅ Group

World Series of Crypto trading contest to launch on Waves DEX Prize money is 5,000 WAVES for the top trader, with a total prize pool of 13,000 WAVES ($30,000). read [email protected]_inferno #WAVES, #BLOCKCHAIN, #CRYPTO, #CRYPTOCURRENCY, #CONTEST

there are difficulties, bets are only possible in cryptocurrency

Introducing Neutrino, a new DeFi project that aims to mitigate the volatility of cryptocurrencies. USD-N is a hybrid cryptocurrency-backed and algorithmic stablecoin. The team were supported by Waves Labs incubator and have now launched their working beta. Find out more: