In addition near the sea. Worth visiting event definitely) Who will be from Nem and Bitcoincash?

The one Waves Lab participant I would be questioning is definitely not them. It's Paytomat for the following reasons... 1. They have no plans to ever use Waves blockchain for any of their future systems 2. They are only using Waves to run their ICO 3. They seem to promote and have closer dealings with NEM than Waves. 4. They even did a pole the other day asking which crypto they should help "promote" (yes waves was included in this pole, but so were others) surely they would want to help promote Waves as at least a lil thank you... but doesn't seem so.

Yeah some of that has been really good! Just recently, been seeing them talking a lot about NEM and nothing much about Waves. Don't get me wrong though it's a great project! They are doing amazing things love it that you can now uses Waves at physical payment terminals, which is more than any other projects have achieved yet!

Someone posted yesterday about paytomat only used waves for their ICO but based their project on nem

He might be your friend but I'm not an enemy.

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Hi :) are you referring to keeping your project confidential?

No I'm refering to the fundemental shift of the waves platform concerning tokenization of game assets after I submitted my original documentation proposals to Waves ... and also matched also identically by NEM later in an announcement after I approached them. but the reason I chose waves our our project is its 'complete' XEM/NEM is not