Программы лояльности на блокчейне - широкие возможности и новые экономические модели (статья пока доступна только на английском)
​​Oh yeah! Sasha Ivanov comes to Bad Crypto Podcast to talk about Waves Platform, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and some other interesting crypto things. Listen to the episode here —>
ATAJIO - is an innovative Blockchain platform for making cryptocurrency loans with other cryptocurrencies used as a pledge

we have a holding company that is joining to give support to the GM currency ... Goodmarket Holding works mainly with mining companies (gold, emeralds, graphite) we help them to migrate their traditional activity. to an intelligent activity in the blockchainWe currently have 5 important and productive alliances. Minerals, oil and gas.We have a very important alliance with the cannabis movement of Colombia. Where more than 4 million users participate and there are different niche markets where GM currency will be usedThis alliance covers different fields such as the industrial, medicinal and scientific production of cannabis, opening the possibility of a broad world market and the use of currency.With gmstore a marketplace that will be launched on June 15, 2019, the brands of our partners will be commercialized worldwide, and people will have the possibility to buy and sell their products with GMCOIN.We currently have our own gmlabs product called e4. A product that provides clean and free energy, which does not harm the environment and does not waste the resources of the country.This product will be launched in July 2019 and will be aimed at companies that consume large amounts of energy for their activities. including cryptocurrency mining farms.These are some of our current activities and projections, you can understand the long-term process we will have. In addition to the growth that this could give to the holding company and the token.Do you want to join this great project? Know more about the project?See the work we have done?Do you want to know the work team? Do you want to join because you think you can contribute a lot to the project?Send us a message with your proposal.Https://

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